Donald Trump is the fact that the Uk’s prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, ultimately, is not for Canada to move away, but moved to the United States of america. However, he will not have to pay for their security, he’s using Twitter to let us know.

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“I’m a great friend and a great admirer of the Queen and the United Kingdom. Prince Harry and Meghan are moving to the united states, but the United States will not have to pay for their protection.” There are no misconceptions about to leave, he added his own style to it: “They must pay!” , and They have to pay for it! With an exclamation point.

The cost of this protection is to be at 8 million pounds (8.9 million euro) was made. A spokesperson for the couple has announced that they’ll by no means have to think of the Us government to pay for such costs and expenses.

Now, Wednesday’s loss, prince Harry, and his wife finally have their royal title. Until then, they stay with the duke and duchess of Sussex. The couple has opted to have their son, Archie, of the United Kingdom is the way to go. Especially when they are tossed wildly by the British gutter. At first they moved to Canada, where they have some protection from the Canadian Royal Mounted Police, because Canada is still part of the British empire. In the meantime, they spent just as Los Angeles in Los Angeles, where she is in self-isolation, especially for the corona virus. T

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