The huge age difference between Ervin (then 13) and Renata (then 40) had caused Ervins father, the basketball coach of his son because of seduction of a Minor view. The court gave him right, Renata got a 22-month suspended sentence.

The relationship did not harm the on the contrary. In June 2011, the Couple got engaged, shortly after, their daughter, Noemi (now 7), and the wedding followed. Now, however, is clear: The Couple who had caused so much excitement, is no longer a Couple – and have been for a few years.

“Didn’t eventually realized that it fits in human terms, but”

In the Austrian magazine “Woman” had made Ervin publicly in February that the Couple can already be in 2017, has a divorce. Compared to the “Bild” said, the now-24-Year-old now, how it came to be. “At some point, I realized that it in human terms, but doesn’t fit,” says Ervin.

not located It however, the difference in age. “I’ve noticed that I’ve neglected during the marriage, generally speaking, a lot of things that pertain to me, so my family and friends from the past. My passion for the gym didn’t fit, Renata,” says the 24-Year-old the “image”. In the meantime, he was working in a construction company. According to Renata, he had yet another (of the same age) girlfriend, the relationship was already ended. Also his Ex-wife Renata meantime I have a new same age friend.

His father, he can today,

understand That his father, his relationship to Renata at the time opposed, can Ervin understand today: “Each friend, Noemi brings her home, will have a hard time, no matter how old he is,” said Ervin to the “image”. His daughter, he’ll see regularly on the weekends, he will also pay maintenance.

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