Everything is over between the YouTubers Bibi and Julian Classen. Rumors have been circulating for a few days that there is a crisis between the influencer dream couple. For example, Bibi was spotted without her wedding ring and the two spent a few days without each other. Today photos appeared that caused the rumor mill to boil over: Bibi was very familiar with another man. In one of the snaps, she even gave him a kiss. While many fans still believed in a misunderstanding, it is now clear: Julian and Bibi actually go their separate ways.

“I would very much like to put an end to the speculation. I’ll make it short and painless: Yes, it’s true. Bibi and I broke up,” explains Julian, visibly upset in his Instagram story. What exactly happened to the couple who have known each other since they were young is not yet clear. The network star only made it clear that the separation Apparently from Bibi. Julian also emphasized directly that the well-being of the two children Lio and Emily is now the top priority. Bibi himself has not yet made a statement about the separation news.

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