The Ministry of defence of the Czech Republic refused to satisfy the request of the head of the Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu on the transfer of the monument to Marshal Ivan Konev, RIA Novosti reported. According to representatives of the Czech Ministry they are not entitled to dispose of the statue, because it belongs to the municipality of one of the districts of Prague.

In April, Sergei Shoigu asked the Minister of defence of the Czech Republic Lubomir Menara to give Russia a monument to Marshal Konev, who was removed from the area of the district Prague 6. Recently in the Russian Ministry of the waiver came through.

The letter States that the monument is not the property of the Czech defense Ministry, as well as not located on its territory. In this case, that object may not be included in the category of war graves.

“Thus, (Ministry of defence of the Czech Republic) has no right to make a decision about his possible transfer of Russia”, – stated in the letter.

The Czech Minister drew attention of the Russian colleagues that the Agency cares for about 4 thousand Russian military burials, and the need rekonstruiruet them, spending big money.

As reported "Rambler," the dismantling of the monument to Konev in Prague caused an international scandal. Russian diplomats criticized the decision by Prague officials. Subsequently in the Czech mass media appeared information that in the Czech Republic was allegedly directed an employee of the Russian special services for the physical removal of the persons responsible for the demolition of the monument.

It was assumed that officials planned to poison him. The Russian foreign Ministry called the published information "duck" and threatened "consequences" for the Czech side. In the result, the Czech foreign Ministry sent a note to the Russian colleagues with the request to normalize relations.