The crisis as an opportunity: Hannes Jaenicke sees in the Corona of a pandemic is not only a danger but also a reason to hope. The environmentally-conscious actor said on Wednesday in the “SAT.1-Breakfast television”. “It makes a thoughtful,” says the 60-Year-old. “It is a forced slowing down – and, actually, the opportunity to think about it, how we deal with this planet, we are as life, as hectic, that we have nothing and no one more time.”

the Great hope that following the crisis, something to change, don’t do it, however: “My fear is, once the economy is back up, we will go back into the same hamster wheel. The Chance would be actually, thinking about it, how many cruises we have to make, how much we fly, how much time do we spend with whom and with what. I hope that we can learn out of it. Otherwise, I think it is really a threatening Situation.”

the fact that The Corona of a pandemic determine the news at the moment, looks Jaenicke also critical: “My fear is that we are talking only about the Virus, and not about climate change, the war in Syria, Yemen … It became a bit mono-thematic.” Other problems would be laid now on the ice: “We have a daycare issue, we have a nursing problem, we have a poverty in old age – that’s now everything from the table, because the Virus is so dominant. Next, a recession is coming – then there is no money back for climate protection. My fear is that now money in the Hand is taken, in order to save small and big companies” – money that is lacking for other problems.

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