Weather in Hamburg: Up to good Friday, stable, friendly

Up to good Friday, it remains in the North stable – partly Sunny and dry. The maximum values decrease gradually light up to eleven degrees in Flensburg, Germany and 15 degrees in Hamburg on Friday.

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In the night to Saturday it’s cloudy, but mostly dry. The temperatures drop in the night but on one to five degrees with a light Frost near the ground.

starting From Easter Saturday to the Alps favoring unstable weather in Hamburg

“Starting Saturday the weather will be more volatile,” says the meteorologist Jens Kieser from the German weather service (DWD), the MOPO. “Sure, you can’t say at this time before. But we expect the Easter weekend with a Mix of clouds, sun and occasional showers.“

temperatures are expected to remain low, at about ten degrees on the Baltic sea and 15 to 16 degrees in Hamburg. “A decrease in winter temperatures in the past week, but is not to be expected”, calms Kieser.

This article written was by Till Hagen

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