As the circle press office on Tuesday said, were the three since last week in the hospital. In the affected facility, patients of all care to be treated in stages. Circle spokesman Tobias Frohnert said the dpa: “we have here to do with a high-risk group was expected to show something – even if we have hoped until the last something else.” The nursing home in Wentorf is led since mid-March, Commissioner from the district, after the operator had to abandon the facility. Although all the test results of the residents were not yet known, however, the first three of the ten Tests had been positive. Additional cases in the facility could not be excluded.

In Schleswig-Holstein are mainly affected nursing facilities in the counties of Pinneberg and the Duchy of Lauenburg from the novel Coronavirus. Currently, the health determining authorities, as the Virus could get into the facilities. “A possible explanation would be that both of these circles of Hamburg’s borders, which had due to the snow holiday, many travellers returning, living in the adjacent circles,” said a spokesman for the Ministry of health.