Halle berry

the 53-year-old Hollywood actress Halle berry in the last year worked hard on her figure for the filming of the film Bruised (the picture doesn’t have a name in Russian) — his debut directorial film. And the result of the star clearly very happy! Yesterday she shared a picture in a swimsuit taken on the beach. The photo of Holly taken from the back, jumping up.

Sometimes you need to say “screw this” and just do it,

signed frame of the star.

In comments to the image, Internet users called berry the “Queen”, “heroine” and a “delightful woman.”

Look amazing. br>
Slender and athletic!


Two days ago, the star also showed her slim figure in the video and noted that training should always be fun and should not be too heavy and restrictive.

Today I want to share an important reminder — have fun. Exercise doesn’t always have to be strict or focused. Discipline is great, but that’s not all. So try something new! Something that will make you laugh and smile: skateboard, Bicycle, swimming, rollerblading, playing tag with the kids. You get a portion of endorphins and calories are burned, but most importantly you will gain a little extra joy in their practice,

— said the actress.

she chose for this longboard and looked absolutely happy.

the Actress also admitted that she loves to use for cardio training rope and always includes in class exercises with the fitness bands, thanks to which, by his own admission, saw a noticeable change in her figure.