The federal police have, for the first time, the figures disclosed the number of official reports drawn up for the violation of any of the applicable measures to be taken against the spread of the corona virus Covid-19. Since the beginning of the measures that have already been 27.389 the people on the bill being thrown. “Half of them are under the age of 30,” says police spokeswoman Sarah Frederickx.

up To Monday afternoon in Belgium, all 27.389 reports prepared for failure to comply with the coronamaatregelen, and that number was the minister of the Interior, by Pieter De Crem (CD&V). sat night is known. The information is taken from the database of the federal police, who have all the figures collected by the various police forces in the country. “For the most part, the reports were drawn up for the violation of any of the samenscholingsverbod, and to make non-essential journeys,” says Sarah Frederickx, spokeswoman for the state police. A similar observation was also that the police in Antwerp though, and in the other areas in the province of Antwerp, belgium.

The federal police have also made an analysis of the age of the offenders, and it is striking that it is mainly young people who find it difficult to comply with the measures to keep it. “Half of the geverbaliseerde persons under the age of thirty,” said Frederickx. “Only 34% is in the age group of 18 to 24 years of age, 16 percent between 25 and 29 years of age.” The federal police has stressed that it is important that they all adhere to the measures.


Although the figures during the easter weekend have not been analyzed yet, says the police have an important weekendeffect. “For the past two weekends, the number of official reports over the five-thousand,” says Frederickx. “It is important that we too in our room to stay.” Some of the violations of the commercial, the police are more positive. “There’s going to be less than a century of observations”, it could be that.

The federal police have reported that the figures only for the official concerned, the offences which, according to the GAS law were recorded are not included in the figures. “In Brussels at the moment, two-thirds of the violations, and with GAS, penalties are handled,” says Frederickx. “The numbers will have to rise.”

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