“the Vaccine against Ebola virus is one of the vaccines, which was established on the basis of universal technology. On the basis of the technology created and vaccine COVID-19. And, of course, all that great experience that was used to create the vaccine, not just handy, but it largely was simply moved, like the matrix, respectively, with the creation of the vaccine,” – said the expert in an interview with RT.

Earlier Gunzburg explained that we are talking about vector vaccine, when the delivery man into the organism the genetic material of the virus that causes a dangerous disease, is another harmless virus, which is called “vector”. In the case of vaccine COVID-19 as vectors, we used two strains of adenoviruses, easily penetrating the human body, but are not able to reproduce. This scheme is designed not only Russian vaccine, but also vaccine COVID-19 in China and the United States, which is still ongoing.

Earlier on the same technological platform in nits of Gamaliel was not only developed the vaccine from Ebola, but also a vaccine for MERS – a virus that causes middle East respiratory syndrome. “At a time when the epidemic broke out COVID-19, we worked on a vaccine against MERS. MERS is also a coronavirus. By the way, much more lethality than the COVID-19, up to 40% mortality. And we have advanced in this development, in fact we finished the second phase of clinical tests for MERS. And MERS is 80% homologous COVID-19”, – said the academician.

Gunzburg explained that through previous developments, scientists in the beginning had an idea about the required doses of immunization of animals and people, which seriously saved searches.

“Although it’s certainly been tested, but we have purposefully checked. There were no particularly search moments. We already know the concentration of virus that must be entered, starting from mouse, monkeys to man”, – said the academician.

“So we knew thoroughly the necessary arrangement that need to add to stabilize the drug. All the nuances. This helps to explain why it was possible in such a short time to create it,” said Ginzburg.

As said the scientist, the specialists on hand were “the entire methodological apparatus.”

According to him, we need the genome sequence, which differs by 20% from MERS, it was necessary to synthesize and actually implement the same structures and carriers (adenovirus, which was used as the vector), which have already been used to create a vaccine against MERS.

also stressed that the vaccine has passed all required tests strictly in accordance with Russian law.