Delicious and healthy Breakfast is the key to not only a great mood for the whole day, but so important to support immunity. Chef cafe “5+2” Victoria shared with the teacher of the Russian “Kommersant Style” two recipes for your gastronomical pleasure. Both pleasantly simple and embody the life, health and balance.Greetings from the summer or strawberry mousse (gluten and sugar)you will Need: 500 ml coconut milk full fat (I recommend Aroy-D)300 g frozen strawberries 2 sprigs мяты1 tbsp каркаде1 лимон2 tbsp raw coconut oil 150 ml syrup топинамбура1 tbsp tapioca starch (with this interesting ingredient to experiment, you can take normal)1 lamprosomatinae: Share the strawberries into 3 portions: 50 g of leave for decoration, 150 Mr. mousse, 100 g for strawberry condensed milk.Put strawberry condensed milk to boil, for her laying down most of the time. 100 g strawberries cut into small cubes, pour 200 ml of milk, 50 ml of Jerusalem artichoke syrup and add 1 tablespoon of hibiscus. This mass bring to the boil and leave to languish on low heat, stirring occasionally. After 10 minutes, this also added 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and 2 tbsp of coconut oil. Cook for another 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Leave to cool.While the milk is cooling, prepare the mousse. In a blender break 300 ml milk and 150 g of strawberries. Here also add 1 tablespoon (heaped) tapioca starch. Again interrupting all together in a blender and pour mixture into saucepan, bring to a boil, stirring constantly mass of the halo. Slushaem. The main thing — do not boil ground and not allow it to burn down (it will try to do it). Once the mousse has thickened, leave it to cool.50 g strawberries, which we left for decoration, cut into slices. With the young sprigs of mint, remove the leaves.Chilled strawberry mousse may seem too thick, but it’s not. It should be easy to kill again in the blender.Filing: Take the glasses and on the bottom spread strawberry condensed milk with hibiscus a layer of 1-1,5 see above is a strawberry mousse (if you want, strawberries and mint can be added to the mousse, but I suggest you get from berries and greens to make the top decor). And “the icing on the cake” will be on top of the grated lime zest. It goes well with mint, and strawberries and make the top layer of berries brighter and more interesting.The same dessert can be repeated with cherries and mixed berries, if inspiration will keep you going. Make chocolate mousse with cocoa, try the combination of chocolate and cherries! Decorate dessert can be nuts and biscuit crumbs. Tofu will scrambleseed: 150 g solid delicate tofu (not silk)1 bunch шпината5 cherry tomatoes or 1 large tomatera соль1/2 teaspoon curcumine (on the tip of a knife)traditional соль100 ml bodyphotos��tion:On a heated pan throw chopped tomatoes, lightly deep fried. Next add the spinach and passeruem 5 minutes on low heat. Take 150 grams of tofu and mash it with a fork or your hands until it’s cheese, watch closely to avoid lumps. Mix up to half a teaspoon of turmeric and cumin on the tip of a knife.Add the resulting tofu in the pan to the tomatoes and spinach and pour 100 ml of water. The water is “steamed” tofu. On low heat mix the tofu with the vegetables and warmed up. Then the top to taste, add ground pepper. At this stage, all individually. You can add your favorite spices, such as cilantro, Basil or broccoli. Heat over all together for 5 minutes. Turn off the pan and add the black salt on the tip of a knife, as it has a specific sulfur smell. It is important to add black salt at the end as they are not badly treated thermally. Traditional salt add to taste if black will not be enough. But you must first try! The taste of black salt is intense, and it can be enough.Serve:Serve is with salad leaves. Also can decorate seeds (pumpkin) or your favorite vegetables. You can also add oil to make the Breakfast even more rich and filled with beneficial fats.