the Management of the Bolshoi theatre in connection with the pandemic COVID-19 took the decision to prematurely close its 244-th theatre season. From 1 June the staff of the theatre is sent in a two-month vacation. Leave in 56 days in General and so was put to the artists, but they went into it are usually the last ones in the theater Moscow in August. The new season opened, usually in mid-September. Not to change the tradition and decided, and now: open 245 anniversary season, the theatre hopes in the middle or end of September. Naturally, in prosperous circumstances. Manual solution is Great for “MK” commented the head of the press service of the theatre Katerina Novikova.

Katerina, tell me, when and under what circumstances the management of the theatre made this decision?

Two days ago, all the staff of the Bolshoi theatre received a letter from our CEO Vladimir G. Urin, stating that 244 our season, unfortunately, now have to be closed, and the theatre goes into passive mode: June-July creative collectives go on vacation, which is just 56 days. At this time in the theater, nothing will happen. Unfortunately, nobody can predict, because it is not clear when the quarantine will end, and will be mitigated by measures of self-isolation. Until they act, until there is a ban to gather in large groups, it is necessary in public places to wear masks and gloves, of course, the work of a Large theater in General, or even any one of our creative team, the impossible Opera, ballet, choir, orchestra can neither advocate nor conduct rehearsals in such conditions. This is the specificity of the Bolshoi theatre, so we are absurd to even discuss the possibility of selling tickets in the hall staggered or compulsory wearing of the audience of personal protective equipment, the streaking of the lobby in half a meter. What’s the point if at the other side of the stage, the theatre would not be able to function. Another thing is that we all hope that by the end of July the situation will be clarified, and if successful its development, in August, the company can begin rehearsals, so that in the middle of September the theatre opened again. Frankly, really want to believe it. Because it will take almost five months.

Theatre this season did not announce new plans. Are they reviewed? And will there be the already announced and planned by the theatre in the spring-summer of this year the premiere?

– Obviously, the current situation will require a serious review of our plans for next season. Unfortunately, long-term planning is not realistic in the current situation. Most likely, the fall will still be impossible to invite our foreign colleagues – the border of Russia and many States until sakriti. Then it will be necessary to focus on your hand, our compatriots and of those Directors who live in Russia. Frankly, anything in particular to say now is very difficult. At least 244 season is over, summer stock (including in the United States of America) of course, cancelled as the premiere, which we had to release. What will be able to keep – now early to speak, we have to live one day. Therefore, we can only endorse the words of our Director, who wishes all employees good health. Take care of yourself, stay in shape, not to lose presence of mind to quickly return to normal creative process when it becomes available.

so 244 season in the main theatre of the country was completed. And open it now not soon – one of the last. Such is the nature of all musical theatres, because it is absurd even to imagine a ballerina or Opera singer performing his part in the mask. Or musicians sitting in the orchestra pit for social distance from each other. The Bolshoi theatre, closed on quarantine since the 16th of March, thus making a nearly six-month break. Earlier, the management of the theatre has already announced the forced cancellation of the planned end-of-season premieres of one-act ballets by young Russian choreographers “Dancemania”, “Made in Bolshoi”, “seasons” and Mozart’s “don Giovanni”. It is interesting to note that among the canceled Prime, then another, in the truest sense of the mystical – the ballet based on Mikhail Bulgakov’s novel “Master and Margarita”, which was put on stage of the Bolshoi theatre in may, renowned choreographer from Slovenia Edward clug. Such a creation of Bulgakov is not the first: once someone is taken to put this novel, something happens. So it was the first movie that was filmed based on this novel, and the performances, put on this product in different theatres. The genius of the Russian ballet – Yuri Grigorovich – once failed to create a ballet on the story for the Big one. And here the situation repeats itself all the machinations of Professor Woland and his team?