As it became known“”, the incident at the command post of Deir ez-Zor, located in Eastern Syria, almost cost the career of the chief of the operational group of Russian troops Colonel Yevgeny Telesheva. Learning from the commander of the Russian group, Colonel-General Andrey Serdyukov that his subordinates fired at the security personnel Bashar al-Assad, Colonel punished them with violence. For abuse of power with serious consequences to the military threatened a ten-year term, but he escaped with a fine.According to “Kommersant”, entered into force the verdict to the Deputy commander of 19-th separate motorized rifle brigade of Colonel Eugene Telesheva that the Vladikavkaz garrison military court found guilty of excess of powers of office with violence (paragraph “a” of part 3 of article 286 of the criminal code) and fined on 350 thousand rubles in determining the amount of the fine, the court proceeded from the material capabilities of the officer, he also ordered him to compensate the victims for travel expenses to the place of trial, which amounted to a total of 70 thousand rubles as of the circumstances mitigating punishment, the court found a voluntary reimbursement by the Colonel of moral harm to the victim 70 thousand rubles each, bringing them an apology, as well as the crime of falsely understood interests of military service, the presence of positive characteristics and awards, participation in combat and remorse.In the verdict it is noted that the crime was committed by Colonel Tuleevym when performing combat tasks in difficult conditions, connected with risk for life. According to the court, the senior officer was afraid of a conflict with the public and security personnel of the Syrian Arab Republic (SAR), he also thought of a possible future repetition of the incident.During the trial it was established that the Colonel Teleshev, while traveling in Syria, acting chief of the operational group on the tactical direction of al-Shola. On the morning of 23 July 2019 in the office of the command post (KP) Deir ez-Zor he beat two subordinates, being dissatisfied with the performance of the spetszadach on defence CP. As explained by the Colonel in court, from may to July 2019 in the assigned area was tense: the attack on the command post of rebels and dorozhno-transport incident with Russian soldiers in killing Syrian citizens. When the Colonel learned from the commander of the Russian troops Andrey Serdyukov that one of his subordinates, while on duty, fired at the vehicle of the security personnel of ATS and the bullet pierced the glass of the car where, luckily, nobody was hurt, it is not sders��I and “used violence” to this soldier and his immediate supervisor. Then he ordered the senior officer to isolate the guilty serviceman for educational purposes in the break room.According to the Colonel, he resented the fact that about the incident he learned from the commander, not the subordinate report, which also denied the fact of accident. Victims, in turn, told the court that the Colonel was hitting them on the head and stomach, forced to accept “an emphasis lying” and kicks inflicted several blows in the face, and after the “a nosebleed,” he ordered to wipe the floor form. To top it all off arrow is locked, but not in the rest room and in the pantry. A military doctor confirmed to the court that the servicemen were installed closed cherepno-brain injuries — cerebral concussion are classified as light injury. Having studied the circumstances of the case, the court appointed Colonel Telesheva more soft punishment, than is provided by the sanction of part 3 of article 286 of the criminal code is deprivation of liberty for a term of three to ten years with the prohibition to occupy certain positions. Colonel telesheva, considering his services, was fined and did not remove from service, and especially to deny the title. Declared victims civil lawsuits against the defendant for compensation for moral harm in 1 million rbl. the court rejected as unfounded, finding that 70 thousand rubles as compensation of damage from them is enough.Disagreeing with the decision of the court of first instance, the military appealed against his, demanding as compensation for 930 thousand rubles., seeking the imprisonment of Colonel, and removing him from his post, believing that such actions of the senior officer can’t justify military conditions of service. However, the southern district military court has left the complaint without satisfaction.Oleg grief, Rostov-on-don