In Google Chrome fixed 32 million copies of spyware downloads. Malware issued for a useful browser extension, reports Reuters with reference to a study by Security Awake.

Spyware, disguised as online translators, file converters, security extensions, and other utilities were distributed for free. BY secretly copied the history of visits to sites by users and sent the fraudsters other private information. According to experts Awake Security Golomb Gary (Gary Golomb), the extension is spread in about 32 million copies on PC. Recorded malware campaign is the largest in the history of cyber attacks on Google.

Analysts said that the fraudsters used a simple, but reliable ways of masking their activities. Fraud network have been linked around 15 thousand domain names, which were drawn from a small Registrar from Israel Galcomm. Representatives of the companies said they had deployed with their indirect help of fraudulent online.

Alphabet Corporation, which is owned by Google, announced the removal of more than 70 malicious extensions for Chrome. A Google spokesperson remarked that, on the basis of the incident specialists will learn to more effectively deal with Internet fraud. However, the company refused to explain how many users are victims of malicious applications and how it missed the biggest Scam network.