The power of Lutsk and Ternopil refuse to obey the order of the government of Ukraine, which brought these cities to the special quarantine zone and ordered to return to the strict limitations. The city authorities assure that, once again, to stop public transport, close to cafes and shopping malls it is impossible is threatens economic disaster.”We have identified eight regions, which will have certain areas where you have exceeded the indicators of: Vinnytsia, Volyn, Zhytomyr, Lviv, Transcarpathian, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil and Chernivtsi region. The decision of the Commission of the red epidemic the risk of proliferation COVID-19 we will be installed Monday in the city of Lutsk, Ternopil and Chernivtsi region Kitsman district” — the Minister of health of Ukraine Maxim Stepanov summed up the results of Friday’s meeting of the state Commission for technogenic and ecological safety and emergency situations (Commission of emergency situations), the purpose of which was to identify the regions with the most dangerous dynamics of the spread of coronavirus. They should be tightened quarantine regulations.The introduction of a strict quarantine will surely affect the ratings of local authorities.On Saturday, the Minister even had to explain about it with reporters who directly asked him, is not whether the imposition of restrictions in the Western regions of the country planned for the October local elections and whether the Ministry of health in the political game aimed at undermining people’s trust in the opposition mayors and deputies of city councils.”We honestly say what the situation in particular region. We show the figures on the basis of which we need to introduce green, or yellow, or red levels of quarantine. The Ministry of health no hint of politics. The only priority is the health and safety of Ukrainians”,— he said during a working visit to Rivne region.There shall be prohibited work of public transport, service establishments, various educational and entertainment facilities.However, in the city of Lutsk were quick to say that you will not go to such measures. Mayor’s adviser of luck Igor Polishchuk explained the position of the municipality to the uncertainty of the status of the Commission of TEB and an emergency (working at the government of Ukraine), doubts that the dynamics of the spread of the disease in the city has reached dangerous levels, and economic issues that necessarily arise in the case of the return of strict quarantine measures.”Stupid, untimely and unprofessional decision on combating coronavirus and so brought the country to economic collapse, destroyed hundreds of thousands of jobs and significantly worsened the standard of living and level of economic activity in the country. We h��of Lutsk city Council will take no action to stop the transport or the closure of any institutions. If the Central government wants to work according to the law, even enters a state of emergency and only then stops the transport and closes the institution and adopt other limitations,” wrote Mr. Polishchuk on Facebook.Later in Ternopil reported refusal to return to a strict quarantine. Local city Council has extended the statement in which has expressed bewilderment by the decision of the Commission of TEB and an emergency to include the city to the “red zone” against fixed recently a decline in morbidity.”To ensure the normal life of the city and protection of the rights of residents of Ternopil to work and freedom of movement of the mayor Sergey Nadal on Monday, August 3, shall convene an extraordinary session of city Council, during which the deputies will be submitted the question of the legality of the regulation on the classification of Ternopil to the “red zone”. Monday, August 3, all enterprises, institutions and organizations of Ternopil will work in a usual mode”,— said in a statement.So, the Ministry of infrastructure announced that passenger long-distance trains passing through Ternopil and Lutsk, Monday will not dwell in these cities and, consequently, their residents will not be able to use rail transport. At the same time selling tickets for the buses in the city’s “red zone” is not stopped.The Ministry of health rather reservedly openly disobeying the municipal authorities of Lutsk and Ternopil government Commission. There is only called the position of town councils wrong and endangering the lives and health of people. In addition, at the Sunday briefing on the situation with the coronavirus, the Minister Maksym Stepanov said that the local authorities do not have the right not to perform orders of the government on the strengthening of quarantine measures. What responsibility can carry the head of the city administration and city Council member for insubordination to the Central authorities, the Minister said.During the day, the number of new patients across Ukraine amounted to 1.1 thousand people. Since the beginning of the pandemic coronavirus infected 72.1 thousand Ukrainians that brought Ukraine on the 34th place in the list of countries with the largest number of cases. Died of disease 1, 7 thousand people, 16 of them in recent days.Matthew Shimanov, Kiev