the document refers to the companies and entrepreneurs who have signed the lease contracts before the introduction of high alert due COVID-19. They must terminate the lease without paying any fees and with the return of the security Deposit.

take Advantage of the offer can those businesses that are informed properly performed their duties until the imposition of restrictions. Another condition is that the monthly income has to fall by more than 50 percent since the introduction of high alert mode.

to terminate the contract, the businessman is enough to send the landlord a notice of refusal from the agreement. The termination must be carried out without charging any boards, including the unilateral repudiation of the contract. Not allowed damages in the form of lost profits.

– Security payment if it is provided by the contract and submitted by the lessee, shall be returned, – stated in the bill. The exception is again made for the case that the tenant had not previously made payments in good faith.

In case of acceptance the law will come into force from the day of official publication.

the Chairman of the Committee on budget and taxes Andrey Makarov said that in the state Duma receive letters from landlords, who oppose the law. He said that the need to balance the interests of landlords and tenants to “avoid arm-twisting among others.” For this, the deputies are going to prepare a number of amendments to the second reading. So, you are prompted to specify the order of reduction in monthly income, allowing tenants to break the lease.