as a twelve-year-old girl has died from Covid-19, a girl from Ghent and went to school at freinetschool De Harp in. She was up on the 13th of march, to be present.

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“They tested positive for the corona virus. They are suddenly on a three-day period is enormously rich with high-grade fever. We want to offer our support to her parents, family and friends,” said Steven Van Gucht from the emergency operations centre regarding the corona virus on Tuesday. “It’s extraordinary, and, we can’t find a single explanation for all such cases.”

the Reception area

It’s going to be a girl who went to school in Ghent, that is, to the freinetschool De Harp in. This is attested to in Every Decruynaere (light Green), ships from the Education system in the city of Ghent. All of the parents, the teachers and the students of the school on Tuesday to be informed by an e-mail. “With the members of the class of the girl’s and their parents ‘ personal contacts, as well as with the teachers,” said Decruynaere. “They will get the care covered by the CLB, and any other agencies specialising in this field.”

the school is responding failed. “The school team and the board of directors to offer their deepest sympathy and are in close contact with the family to provide support where it can. Parents, students, and teachers, are we at on this sad news,” states an official message from The instrument is to be read.

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Compassion and support

Decruynaere on behalf of the city city government the “absolute compassion and support for the family and the school. “It’s unreal, that it is a way to say goodbye. We will give you the best possible guidance.” It is strongly requested to ensure the privacy of the parents and the school to be respected.

In response, the states also have The lord mayor, Mathias De Clercq Open Vld) have compassion: “This is a very tragic thing. As a human being and as a father, I am deeply moved by this one. Ghent, belgium and around the country have united in a tremendous grief. Our thoughts and condolences go out to the family, and the family, and the school of The Harp. As a city, we will have their full support in this very difficult time.”

No risk

the The little girl was the last to be present at the school on Friday the 13th of march. “It is important to keep in mind is that in the morning, since then no longer go to school or daycare and not with the team. On Friday, this will be in the meantime, for 3 weeks,” according to the understanding. This is important information in the context of the prevention of the corona virus.

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