the Zarrella: “I had a lot of Fears,”

The artist recalls: “in 2005-2008 were the hardest years for me were my life: Bro’Sis was over, my first Solo Album is mercilessly flopped and I was scared to fall to the Ground, to make the wrong decisions, to go with the wrong people. I really had a lot of Fears.“ Giovanni plunged into a personal crisis, especially wife Jana Ina got to feel.

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Giovanni Zarrella: “Sometimes I hated myself”

“at the time, I hated myself, sometimes, themselves. Because I couldn’t be her, as I wanted to,“ concludes Giovanni as a sad record. “I was not bad to her, but I couldn’t be the man for you, I wanted to be.” The beautiful Brazilian showed but size, made your man an incredible proof of Love. “She has put up with me during this time and, above all, supports, and said: ‘Now stop it with the pity, and get your butts up’ – I’ll be your life-long grateful. I want to love you for a lifetime,“ says Giovanni touched. Today, he knows that His wife loves him for his career – she loves him as a person.

Jana Ina and the children are for the singer the most Important thing

Also, professionally, everything has changed for the better: With its Italian Schlager-Album Giovanni Zarrella is back in show business. If he is afraid to lose the success again? “No. The Album has received Gold and I was able to prove to me that I’m alone worth something – the can’t take no more. I have no fear of losing anything now.“ In addition, the most important thing to her home. “My wife and my children!” More about his family, his private happiness with his children and his heavy Comeback, you will hear in the Podcast “blow whispers”. Subscribe for free and listen to it on Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud, YouTube, or on

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