With the art Director of Theatre Oleg Tabakov Vladimir Mashkov we’re talking about what lessons his teacher helping him every day. And how they get today – for example, in the context of creative launched the Russian national championship ArtMasters.

Decorations to your new play “And then there were none” based on the play by Agatha Christie is now creating Alexander Rukavishnikov, and this is the first work in the theater of the famous sculptor. He prepares and sculptural composition to the 85th anniversary of Oleg Tabakov…

Vladimir Mashkov: I Really hope that I can open it to the beginning of the season. Sculptural composition you want to open with the participation of students of Oleg Pavlovich, so everyone was able to come. I think that it is beautiful and on the idea, and the chosen venue directly for her (in the Sukharev square near the New stage of the Tabakov Theatre. – approx. “RG”). In this composition, Oleg p., and Sylvester, and the atom of the sun, his talent… Alexander Rukavishnikov knew of Oleg Pavlovich and loved it. He understood our idea, and then suggested. Will be sealed and the deathly Tabakov – favorite it tomatoes and crawfish.

will be Too?

Vladimir Mashkov: of Course. All that Oleg Tabakov loved his still life life. The lamp will be of “Matrosskaya Tishina”, such was in grigorovsky sanitary wagons, which his father during the Great Patriotic war served as a doctor, – Oleg Pavlovich that all the time remember… In this sculpture is much encrypted. To uncover and reveal. If anything, we will tell you.

an Evening in memory of Oleg Tabakova will take place on 7 November at the Moscow art theatre them. Chekhov. Are you the Director?

Vladimir Mashkov: It will be our collective creativity. I’m not a Director, in the strict sense of the word, in such gatherings has no direction. All together met to discuss how it can be. The action space determines a great artist Alexander Borovsky. And then, as everyone on the stage spun, depends on the actors who will come to congratulate their teachers birthday…. Is we need everyone who knows of Oleg Pavlovich. Yes. We are all very different, but there are moments that us, as the Galaxies all spin in a single spiral.

the Date of November 7 has identified the Moscow Art theatre. Perhaps because it is the day of red carnations, which were very fond of Oleg Pavlovich. His favorite flower – he always gave red carnations.

Can you tell me what is the most expensive gift you have received from the apostles? Besides, he gave you a job? And what gave it him?

Vladimir Mashkov: We tried to please him not only in birthdays. Something tasty was brought that he loved. Some things, spectacular toys. And he us all the time fed. The Dorthe DCM has always been, of course, his attention. And for my part… I remember he really wanted to play “N13” returned (Mat hit, staged by Vladimir Mashkov. – approx. “RG”), he was pleased. I found the time guys started to rehearse. Oleg Pavlovich feel bad at some point, and we had a small tragedy in rehearsal, Sergei Ugryumov has a broken leg. We waited for him, wanted to produce this play. And here’s the premiere! And she was successful. Oleg Pavlovich dressed in a blue suit, flew on the stage… And then he can say, four years running! Perhaps the performance can be considered somehow my gift to Oleg Pavlovich.

very good!

Vladimir Mashkov: And his gift to me for birthday always with me. Always carry two coins. One from the greatest Russian actor Yevgeny Aleksandrovich Evstigneev that from him gave me his son Denis. And second, not knowing about the gift of Eugene A., was awarded Oleg Pavlovich: “To do something”. (Shows two necklace of gold coins. – approx. “RG”). One coin – Soviet “the Sower”, the other is a Nicholas II, the Imperial Ducat. Two masters gave me these symbols. They always help me. And from what webyougo that Oleg Pavlovich himself gave… He was very pleased when he saw from the window of his office the queue for theatre tickets. Previously, the tickets were sold.

You now from my window queue is not visible – they are electronic, online…

Vladimir Mashkov: But we, his disciples, the same goal. Our real life here at the Theatre of Oleg Tabakov. And then – succeed or not, is uncertain, but we work hard. Every day.

do You remember the day when was the last time you saw Oleg Pavlovich?

Vladimir Mashkov: remember Very well. I had a birthday. Usually I called him and said, “Oleg Pavlovich, I have a birthday,” he congratulated me, we have such a ritual was. And then he did not answer me. It turned out that on 27 November he was in the hospital… I came to him, when it was possible. I will say this, with all the complexity of the situation, he gave the impression of a strong man who fights. He was a Gladiator in nature. He was already difficult to say, but in his eyes, in actions, still it was evident that he’s an incredible inner strength of people. And the worst moment of his illness he did not give up, he fought. And his aspirations, his desires were in the theater.

You have saved in the memory of the last words heard from him?

Vladimir Mashkov: me He wrote them. And his words to me, always lying on my Desk. He presented his book “My real life”. I opened it and there on the first page of his message: “Vova! I love you and I want you to implement polno and intense. You, and people will be fine. We’ve known each other for a long time… tobacco”.

to be Implemented fully and intensely is a guideline for all of us, his disciples. More precisely, shorter won’t tell… so we try. To us and people feel good. And all through love was…

you Have another new mission. You entered the organizing Committee of the national championship of creative competences ArtMasters 2020. The draft state, a scale; in late August, will announce the finalists who will participate in intramural competition October 12-15. 21 Oct the best projects to be presented at the gala concert at the Bolshoi theater…

Vladimir Mashkov: For me this is a good opportunity for a great creative event to share experiences and a great way to meet talented young professionals. In the championship we are waiting for those who are willing to share their knowledge with the professional community. It is remarkable that in such a serious state level decided to collect talent. (The championship is held with the support of the Fund for presidential grants, Ministry of science and higher education, Ministry of culture, Ministry of education of the Russian Federation and Moscow Government. – approx. “RG”)

When people ask me what the trend is in the theater or in movies, I think the trend everywhere one talent. The championship gives the opportunity to meet with young people who have their own interesting ideas. Field activities are fairly loose. For us life does not end, it would be nice to be surrounded by young professionals. ArtMasters is looking for guys who will be sound, light, projection, set design; artists who will be able to work with computer graphics. That is, the championship brings together the most modern trends that are only beginning to explore. And the same for me in the theater that leaves one size is the living actor.

Competitions are held at sixteen “competencies”, and acting is not among them.

Vladimir Mashkov: We thought about it. But the fact is that by and large there can be no competition. He was not the first. Is the first one. Because the actor is the profession of the collective. And reveals the actor with a different actor. I just know it.

acting is a complex and delicate matter. It is not technological. Although there are certain working conditions and with students and with other actors and himself – how to get to a way Where the transition: I am an actor, and where I am in the given circumstances when the time of reincarnation passed. Stanislavsky wrote that you can play good or bad, but you have to play right. “Art Masters” I would like to find people who are accurate in their profession.

One of the categories of the championship sounds unusual, I didn’t know such a job exists: dEinar mixed reality…

Vladimir Mashkov: In the theatre everything is possible, because there is first of all your imagination runs wild. And if required by the circumstances, why not change the space of our very eyes here and now? It is the everyday magic of theater. Oleg Tabakov said that the only place where one could still wonder, is the theater. I absolutely agree with him. The theater is a miracle. And it must start right from the entrance to the theater. But it is incredibly difficult to achieve, it is no coincidence. And this is the work of a huge team.

“Art Masters” good prize Fund. But the main thing – practice in the theatres with the subsequent prospect of employment best. Are you ready to take young professionals in the Tabakov Theatre?

Vladimir Mashkov: Specialists are always needed. Masters on the fingers can be counted. Theatres are like a closed state. But to conceal anything that happens in the theater. And a miracle will happen or not, becomes clear only at seven o’clock, when the actors open to the audience who came for the impressions…

Once Fedor Filippovich Konyukhov, our great traveller, the artist, my friend, before I invited him over to your theatre, said: “for a Long time somehow I went to the show in one theatre. And here two and a half hours watching some nonsense. I spent a lot of time! I could also picture to write or read something… And so a lot of people there, if you count that how many hours people have wasted?”

my heart was just horror-stricken… I Think, if he and we don’t like it… But that night nothing happened. Since then, before every show I remember a beautiful phrase of the great baseball player Joe Di Maggio, who said that he always tries to show the best game, because you never know who you will see for the first time.

And you have to be ready for anything?

Vladimir Mashkov: Always. Maybe that’s today in the hall will sit your destiny?

on the day of the 85th anniversary of Oleg Tabakov on August 17, at 13.30, Marina Zudina, Vladimir Mashkov, and the actors of the Tabakov Theatre will open a photo exhibition on Chistoprudny Boulevard for the anniversary of Oleg Pavlovich.

At the beginning of September in Moscow on Sukharev square near the New stage THAT will be sculptural composition of Alexander Rukavishnikova, dedicated to the actor.

the Evening of memory of Oleg Tabakov at the Moscow art theatre them. Chekhov cook November 7 – according to tradition, opened by Tabakov, who preferred the theatre, birthdays are celebrate not in the summer and after the holidays, in the fall.