To kick off an impenetrable glass wall, surrounded by professional dancers and Kathrin Menzinger Andrzej Cibis is a very Impressive Symbol for the invisible, the reason for a previously unimaginable social separation.

“get Out of the everyday life, purely in the pleasure of dancing”: Currently, the “Let’s Dance”-the Motto of acts as almost cynical, yet there is a yearning for a distraction.

TVNOW Teleschau

“I think it’s good that we can still see something other than Corona,” wrote a Twitter user to “Let’s Dance,” adds another Fan: “I’m very grateful that there is at least a little bit of normalcy.”

As a “completely wrong signal” appreciated it, but a Facebook Users: “people who love Dancing, or even a living from it, do without for weeks. And here is just made more …”

the discussion in the last few days was intensified by the alleged Palace revolt of some of the professional dancers, the reports according to the media, by the conditions of production do not further health risks wanted to expose.

TVNOW Teleschau Jorge shoots the bird From the car wash in the circus

Glamorous escapism versus reckless endangerment: The waves are roaring, but fell in the past not-so-high waves, such as the real theme of the Night – Jorge González’ sweeping hairstyle, a hair become a Two-Meter distance. The extravagance of the Jurors was clearly commented more frequently than the crisis.

“I’ve seen recently in the car wash”, “high pile rug”, “impudence” were horrified comments to “should go to the circus.”

There, however, he would quickly by Lili Paul-Roncalli, in the shadow that showed on this night, what it’s about in “Let’s Dance” is actually: art of dance at its Finest. With your Partner, Massimo Sinato, she pointed to “Je Suis Malade” by Lara Fabien an emotional, Slow waltz, reached the highest rating and was explained by Motsi Mabuse to the “Queen of posture”. TVNOW tele show

the joy of life, “which will get me through the next time” (Mabuse) brought Tijan Njie and Kathrin Menzinger, with their Samba to “the lion king” (28 points). Moritz, Hans’ only fault is that the Quickstep with Renata Lusin (25 points) was that he “had considered” (Joachim Llambi), while Luca Hänni and Christina air with a Hollywood-tyre-slow Foxtrot (22 points) abrundeten the field of potential final pairs.

confusion to Laura Miller: partners in times of Corona

A field, the thin out off of the ratings: a case of illness in John Kelly’s family, he and dance partner Regina Luca had to say goodbye. And where was Christian?

While Kelly was replaced by Loiza Lamers’ re-entry, was Polanc-partner, Laura Muller, a few hours before the Live Show, suddenly with a new Partner, the ultra-spontaneously arrived, in the second Show with Steffi Jones, former Robert Beitsch.

Has brought the Wendler-girlfriend Polanc in the Training again to a white heat? He is the leader of the strike prepare dancers?

Or there is a cause of health concern? Only indisposed, so Polancs is a short video message that left a lot of room for speculation. He will return “probably” next week.

What followed was a very respectable Contemporary to “Hijo de la Luna”, the new, surprisingly well-functioning Couple in a mere two hours practised. “In the short time to make in the quality, because I pay credit to my greatest respect,” said Joachim Llambi the flash returnees, chided the female partner: “Laura, when you, it was not as strong as the last two times.”

hard jerk off dare views: “maybe until next week”

“I don’t dance for the Jury, but for the Nation”, was Sükrü Pehlivan even after his Viennese waltz with Alona Uehlin (“You shall have the wings of a Swan, not a Chicken Wings”) self-aware, but both of them were the “super dealer”-Moderator, was finally down For the ‘ 90s Special, the last Show. TVNOW tele show

“I like you, but Dancing is not your thing,” it was said several times on Twitter about another Participant, and: “you is overrated.”

More criticism of your tact lka Bessin, but managed to grasp the feeling of the Evening in the right words came in spite of a lot of times the Network: “I was glad to have the Salsa, she brought me the energy of life. I can only recommend: the Power of music and dance, no matter how it looks.”

look not enough for you anymore, this post on Instagram to

Unfortunately, it Sukru after 5. Show for more to come – we have to say goodbye to him and Alona Makes it good, you two! All the News about the Show you can find via the Link in our Bio @letsdance #letsdance2020 #letsdance #rtl #rtlde #dancing star #show5 @sukrupehlivan

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“maybe next week”, adopted by Daniel Hartwich. In the long term is optimistic, the Moderator remained in any case: The “Let’s Dance”live tour in November, he applied, without twitching with the eyelash.

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