“I have anxiety. My husband’s life, and mine.“ Eva Brunswick, and Jürgen Wolff waited two weeks to your rescue. Together with 1800 other people, you were on the cruise ship “MS Zaandam” off the coast of Panama. On Sunday they were allowed to switch to the “MS Rotterdam”.

And the “MS Rotterdam” was granted on Monday, the transit through the Panama canal. Long travel authorization hung in the balance. Meanwhile, the cruise ship has passed through the channel already and is in the Caribbean sea in the direction of Fort Lauderdale (Florida) on-the-go. “We are finally, after all the hardships and toil, on the way to Fort Lauderdale”, stated Braunschweig and Wolff FOCUS Online.

How goes it in Florida?

During this journey would have to stay all the passengers in their cabins and had the food in front of the door. Wolff and Braunschweig said they had to constantly fear that the Cutlery, or the tablet could be infected.

But there are another 2,700 kilometers, the journey is about three days. It is uncertain how to do it in Florida.

“We trust to be able immediately to Germany to fly. But this serious hurdle we have to get to the full“, they said to FOCUS Online. Eva Braunschweig said: “I hope to be of help and support, even on the flight home from the USA to Germany. This is my greatest desire: We just want to go home.“

cruise ship “MS Zaandam” for a week under quarantine

a week Ago, the cruise company had made the “MS Zaandam” under quarantine. The ship had been denied out of concern about the dissemination of Coronavirus, the entrance to the port. Four passengers have already died. 138 people show flu-like symptoms, two have tested positive for the Coronavirus – the captain of the “MS Rotterdam informed” of his own Crew. The ship also belongs to the Holland-America Line and the “Zaandam” on Thursday evening, came to the aid of, in order to supply the passengers medical.

About 70 people among the passengers aboard the “MS Zaandam” had the German nationality. Although Eva Brunswick, and Jürgen Wolff, are now available from on-Board the ship and on the way in the US as it is to the other German on the “MS Zaandam”, is so far completely unclear.

The Foreign office said on Sunday on request by FOCUS Online: “The Foreign office is with the authorities and the shipping company Holland America Line in close exchange and is making a great effort to find solutions to support the German passengers.”

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Eva Brunswick: “please help”

Because of the help from Germany was not long in sight, decided to Braunschweig to find a Video to support.

“My husband is 82 years old, I am 72 years old. On us five children and fourteen grandchildren waiting at home,“ said Eva Braunschweig in it. On the verge of tears, she said: “I ask for help”.

Out of concern for their grandparents, the grandchildren of the couple founded a Instagram channel. Under the name of “help.our.grandparents“, they released the Video and tried to attract attention. Attention of the government, attention from people, which can rid your grandparents out of this nightmare. “Please help us to share this photo and this message, so that we can save with the help of the politicians, our grandma and our grandpa.”


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German marriage Couple: “We don’t want to be forgotten”

Already, a fortnight ago, had listed the Pair on the “Elefand”list. A registration on the Electronic registration of Germans abroad is the prerequisite to get emergency help and support to the consulates. Eva Brunswick, The Couple only a desire to come Back home.

with the German Consulate in Santiago, Chile, the Couple had already been in contact. At the time, they were still assumed to be able to disembark. However, with the imposed quarantine was impossible. The Couple was once again on the list, is now waiting for feedback.

“I have confidence in the government,” says Eva Brunswick, “but in the current situation, this uncertainty is just unbearable. the We are afraid. We don’t want to be forgotten. If I should say to Mrs Merkel something, then it would be: Save us! You can help us! You can get us home.