“Gazprom” continues active preparation for the laying of the Danish sea gas pipeline “Nord stream-2”, despite the threat of new sanctions from the United States. The operator of the Nord Stream project 2 asked the Danish regulator’s permission to use the ships pipe-laying with anchor positioning system that will be used for laying pipe barge “Fortuna”. Prepared in Germany, the endpoint of the pipeline in the Bundestag called upon to respond to possible new US sanctions in respect of project counter.Nord Stream 2 project company the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream-2”, appealed to the Danish regulator for permission for the use of vessels with anchor positioning when stacking the Danish section of the pipeline. At the moment the permit is granted only for vessels with dynamic positioning.This court held on the point of laying movement of the screws, which are controlled by automatic system, whereas the court with anchor positioning are held in place, respectively, anchors. Court with anchor positioning less suitable for laying a deep water pipeline. Now “Gazprom” in the German port of Mukran are barge “Fortuna” with the anchor and positioning the ship “Akademik Chersky” with dynamic positioning. Obviously, Gazprom is seeking to engage both ships.Nord Stream 2 recall that the anchor positioning technology “has already been successfully applied during the construction of the Danish land operated pipeline “Nord stream”, and in the construction of gas pipeline “Nord stream-2″ in German waters”.The head of the energy Committee of the Bundestag Klaus Ernst at a press conference in Berlin on 16 June said that the German government “must stop throwing cotton balls” and start to solve the problem, leaving US sanctions without a response. In particular, he proposed to impose duties against American LNG or even to impose retaliatory sanctions against U.S. senators.”Germany should use its presidency of the EU Council to initiate the following processes…— to have a discussion about whether we a US state, a satellite of the United States… We need a unanimous response in Europe, because it is not only our question, regardless of the position on the “Nord stream-2”. Sanctions are a poor tool, especially in economic policy. But we have to think about counter measures, e.g. penalty tariffs on American LNG… We must also think about introduction of sanctions against senators initiating the sanctions (against the “Nord stream-2”),”— said Klaus Ernst (quoted by “RIA Novosti”). However, while this position was not supported by the German government, traditionally opposed to extraterritorial U.S. sanctions.In Germany ��now there’s not one LNG terminal, although there are plans to introduce several in the next few years. In the most advanced stage is the project Uniper in Wilhelmshaven with a capacity of 10 billion cubic meters, which has already ordered floating regasification terminal. In Uniper said “RIA Novosti” that do not support the idea of counter-sanctions in the form of a duty on LNG.The largest volume of LNG in Northwest Europe is supplied through the receiving terminals in the Netherlands, the UK, Belgium and France. In addition, a significant amount of LNG buys Poland. It is unlikely that these countries will support Germany in seeking to impose duties on American LNG. And after LNG will regasification on the terminal, for example, in the Netherlands, nothing can stop these volumes to get to Germany via a network of pipelines.Yuri Barsukov