He says they have changed his life. A gay man from Italy adopted a girl with Down’s syndrome. The small Alba was just 30 days old, as Luca Trapanese started with. At this time, the child had been already rejected by 20 other families.

That he would adopt a disabled child, knew Trapanese previously. He explained that “Unilad”, that he had already placed in front of Alba’s birth, an application to the juvenile court of Naples, in the hope to adopt a disabled child. He had already worked in his youth as a volunteer with disabled people. “I grew up with disabilities and have gained the awareness that I can fulfill my desire for fatherhood with a disabled child,” he explained.


Traditional couples wanted to you don’t

“A disability for me is not a defeat, no shame in that, but another way of looking at life,” says Trapanese. “Alba is perfect for me as it is and I don’t ‘want to heal'”.

He believe that we should see more than just the disability, but the Person behind it. “Each disabled person is a human being and must be integrated as the other in our society and be taken into account,” says the 43-Year-old.

After Luca Trapanese had made the request before the court, he waited for a few months. Then he received a phone call. Alba was given after her birth from her biological mother, in the hospital, been left behind. The clinic was able to find not a traditional Couple who wanted to take on the girl – because she was a girl with Down’s syndrome.

The 43-year-old, single, gay man took her in immediately, helped her to develop her personality. He describes his daughter as a “true force of Nature”, which “is very cheerful, exuberant, persistent, and very stubborn”.


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Sometimes he forget she is declared adopted

The 43-Year-old, he did not sometimes forget that Alba was not his biological child. Today almost two-year-old is a very normal part of family, love and taking care of them, even the grandparents. “Alba and I are a family like any other”, he says, he “cared for like a mother” and “the best possible educated”.

He adds: “I am your father and your family. For me she is my daughter, I forget that I have adopted.”

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