Entrepreneur bill gates has called the consequences of air pollution as pernicious as pandemic coronavirus. In his blog, the billionaire and philanthropist predicted climatic disaster in the coming decades.

The founder of Microsoft believes that in a few decades associated with the global ecology crisis will shake the planet. Gates believes that humanity should expect an increase in mortality and economic difficulties: “no matter How terrible pandemic, climate change may be even worse.” As a warning disaster businessman offers to radically reduce the amount of emissions of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Explaining the danger of a new crisis, gates said that in case of deterioration of ecology the death of people and problems with the economy will haunt humanity for longer than pandemic COVID-19. According to him, during 40 years, the mortality rising temperatures on the planet can compare with deaths from coronavirus — about 14 deaths per 100 thousand people. Gates believes that in the case of climate change for the worse towards the end of the century the mortality from climatic factors will increase to 73 deaths per 100 thousand people. “By 2100 the effects of climate change may be five times deadlier than the coronavirus,” said the author.

According to the businessman, humanity must learn the lessons of the COVID-19 and be prepared to confront global climate change. Gates suggested several steps to prevent disaster. In particular, bill gates believes that controlling the emissions is necessary with the help of science and innovation. He is also confident that the decisions against ecological disasters should work in developing countries.

“It will take decades to create and implement a broad development in the field of clean energy,” said the billionaire, noting the limited amount of time left in humanity to solve. According to gates, unlike the vaccine against the coronavirus, “which we will have next year”, there is a two-year solution to the problem of climate change.