The colder it gets, the faster the storage levels in Germany drop. And the faster the levels drop, the more alarming the situation. The head of the Federal Network Agency, Klaus Müller, has now called on consumers to heat “carefully”. Despite the minus temperatures this month, the gas storage facilities in Germany are currently still around 88 percent full, but it should “not go on like this for the whole of January and February,” Müller is quoted as saying by the “Welt”.

After this winter is before the next. Müller warned that the coming year could be even more challenging. Germany will have to fill the storage tanks without Russian gas in the summer. “People will feel the cost of the energy crisis hard,” said the head of the Federal Network Agency.

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He did not hope that the gas price would eventually drop back to the old level. “No one expects that in the foreseeable future,” continued the head of the network agency.

The 36 million property owners have until the end of January to submit their property tax returns. A look at some federal states shows that millions of declarations are still missing. And if you miss the deadline, it can be expensive for you.

In Berlin, the 16 meter high aquarium in the Hotel DomAquareé has burst. Millions of liters of water have leaked out, the Berlin fire brigade is on duty. There are two injured. The police and Senate are currently not assuming an attack. Even a private earthquake station recorded the incident.