Gas companies are asked not to block ventilation because of fear of COVID 19

In connection with the fear of catching something from the neighbors coronavirus infection, some inhabitants of apartment houses began to seal air ducts with duct tape. As it turned out, is absolutely impossible.

As the clarification released by “Peterburggaz”, the overlap of the ventilation channels can lead to tragedy. This is especially true of homes with gas stoves.

In particular, a gas hob is absolutely impossible when walled ventilation ducts, closed vents and fanlights. The inflow and outflow of air was always ensured.

Especially careful should be the residents of the apartments with gas pumps that have an electric extractor fan. Electric hood over the stoves in any case can not be connected to obschedomovoy ventilation. The fact that if you bricked ventanal there is a risk that the column will not work the security system and the apartment will start flowing carbon monoxide gas.