Beautiful Bikinis and swimsuits, there are literally like Sand on the sea. But unfortunately only a few survive several seasons. The reason: Incorrect or lack of maintenance in combination with poor quality. Just cheap swimwear is quickly to the disposable article, which of course is particularly bad for the environment.

right here, Margaret, and Hermione comes in: a fashion label that was founded in 2015 in Vienna by Barbara Gölles, produced stylish swimwear and sports fashion, which is manufactured from plastic waste or from old fishing nets. Your Label is finally expanding, the Austrian your Beachwear”Baby” on 7. April 2020 in the case of the VOX TV show “die höhle der Löwen” in front of.

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Sustainable swimwear by Margaret and Hermione – what makes you special?

“Margaret and Hermione makes a small contribution to keep the oceans clean,” says Barbara Gölles. And this is how it works: As a starting material for the Bikinis, swimsuits and Sportswear of the Austrian brand used fishing nets not to be used, floating in the sea, and a devastating environmental impact: every Year, thousands of fish and mammals die in nets, and the waste of mountains in the oceans take catastrophic dimensions.

Fortunately, are fished these networks now a day thousands of tons from the oceans. A special process processed part of garbage, then to yarn which is then produced, among other things, the fabric for the swimwear of Margaret and Hermione. Other fashion brands (including textile giants such as H&M or Zara) use now this technique.

Margaret and Hermione: Not only sustainable, but also body-positive

But that’s not all: The swimwear of Margaret and Hermione is not made of only environmentally-friendly, the Bikinis and swimsuits are also tailored to the diverse body shapes and every woman is to offer a high wearing comfort. By means of the hem processing, there is no Concentration and Cut. The fabric is not processed, double-ply, making the Swimwear is not only extremely durable, but a simultaneous Shaping Effect creates.

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Where you can have the swimwear of Margaret and Hermione from “DHDL” to buy?

Available in the sustainable Bikinis and swimsuits of Margaret and Hermione, which by the way is made fully in Europe in the online shop of the label. Also, some shops in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the young brand. A complete listing can also be found on the Website. The price range for the Bikinis and swimsuits lies between 69 Euro and 230 Euro.

with your Start-up through launch, introduces founder Barbara Gölles your Label Margaret and Hermione is also the infamous “lion”: it is on 7. To see April 2020 at 20.15 on VOX in “the cave of The lion”, and tries to convince the strict investors of your brand – especially Dagmar Wöhrl is likely to be interested.

This article is published was written by (Alexandra Schöb)

*The contribution “From “the cave of The lion”: The Label of Margaret and Hermione manufactures cool swimwear from plastic waste” of Glamour. Contact with the executives here.