the Minister said the process of rearmament of the army and Navy. “From the beginning, the troops received 776 main samples of the latest and modernized weapons, including 58 aircraft and helicopters, 140 armoured fighting vehicles and 510 multi-purpose vehicle. Accepted in fighting structure of the Navy missile submarine strategic purpose “Prince Vladimir” and two ships of security,” – said Shoigu.

According to him, during the winter training period conducted more than 1,200 combat training of troops. Compared to the same period last year by 4% increased RAID in aviation. And nepravilnosti crews of surface ships and submarines has increased in 1,2 times.

“Secured the presence of Armed forces in the strategically important regions of the world. In the first half of the long-range aircraft made nine flights on air patrols, – said Shoigu. – The ships of the Navy continue to be deployed in operationally important areas of the oceans. Currently, the sea is 33 warship and support vessel, including 22 in the far sea zone.”

Planning and developing the system of basing of the Armed forces. The specialists of the military-construction complex of the Ministry of defense in the first half of 1680 erected buildings and structures, including 20 multi-functional health centres, providing medical treatment to two thousand patients with coronavirus infection.

the defense Minister also said that in the summer the focus will be on preparing for the strategic command and staff exercises “Caucasus-2020”.