The chat service WhatsApp makes it into the Corona of a crisis a little more complicated to relay messages. The brakes on the spread of false information about the Coronavirus. WhatsApp-messages that have already been forwarded very often, can be sent from now on, only one at a time to a Chat more, as told to Facebook belonging to the service on Tuesday.

so Far, that was up to five Chats at the same time. With the increase in communication traffic in recent weeks, also an increase of the forwarded messages had to be established, shared with WhatsApp. Frequently forwarded messages that are already marked with a double arrow icon, can be transferred, therefore, from now on, only one at a time to a Chat.

Restricted forwarding function is to disseminate Fake News to contain

The message in WhatsApp to have the end-to-end encryption – so your content is only for users visible in plain text, but not for the service itself. So WhatsApp is not able to proceed directly against false information or smear campaigns.

Therefore, the company tries to make the distribution of news is more difficult. As already highlighted since last year, frequently forwarded messages. At that time, also, the restriction to five Chats had been at the same time when more send introduced.

In the Corona-crisis was spread by WhatsApp users, among other things, the false claim about a connection with the 5G wireless. The platform also established an information centre with information from the world health organization (WHO).

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WhatsApp is working with the world health organization

More of the Facebook belonging to said service: “In addition, we work with organizations and health authorities, users verified and trusted information.” The WHO and more than 20 national health authorities have started according to the messenger service WhatsApp info-channels and a total of more than 100 million messages to people sent.

More information can also be found in WhatsApp Coronavirus information Hub. In addition, users can report rumors and false reports directly to the facts of the auditor organisations which are represented on WhatsApp.

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