The Zurich-based “Tages-Anzeiger” reported the loss in a title line: “Tidjane Thiams salary drops to 10.7 million Swiss francs”.

What does this mean for the compassionate Public? Consoling: that of the former head of Credit Suisse’s cashing in for his last year in office to around 900’000 Swiss francs in the month – Yes, month! Similar to much of the chief physician deserves in a hospital in five years!

Also in accordance with the “wage book 2020” of the Ministry of economic Affairs of the Canton of Zurich is the monthly wage of a nursing woman at 5600 francs. For comparison, let me repeat that: The monthly wage of the Ex-CS-CEO amounted to 900’000 Swiss francs.

these comparisons are not to the people Tidjane Thiam, the good husband, the loyal friend, the amiable uncle – whatever that may be, the Banker for his Next also.

What is to be made clear, can also be based on the example of Philipp rickenbacher dealt with. The new Boss of the banking house of Julius Baer since September last year in office – and cashed in the first six months of 4.4 million Swiss francs.

Also, in the case of Philipp Rickenbacher, it’s not about the people. Of course, it is also equipped with private virtues, as you would you want for the godparents of a child.

then What is it? It comes to the value of power in the globalized capitalism. And so, the question is: Is the performance of the chief physician or the nurse at a Zurich hospital to be of less value than the power of money is huge?

The bad Corona times are good times, in order to concretely and without any polemic thoughts on the appreciation of work in a society that is fond of the noble concept of meritocracy in the claim.

What the Doctors and nurses for weeks, is without example. You can do it under constant danger for the own health. Sacrifice a few to infect you at work with the Virus. The goal, the means completely, saving lives.

imagine: The top bankers, from Coronavirus infected, in danger of their lives in the ICU, connected to a ventilator, finally, to recover not angels, thanks to the tireless efforts of protection in misshapen plastic cover – would appear to him as the value of the hospital workers suddenly more important than the value of its money? He wouldn’t have to come to the conclusion: With the salary of these people there is something wrong – and with my salary, much less approved yet?

Probably would have fulfilled the money a dealer abruptly aware of the fact that the Doctors and nurses were responsible for his life – for him, the Mighty, for him, the suddenly so helpless, fear of naked people.

And it would probably have nothing as a result of right, when he, the Lord of the billion, questions would be: What is actually my own responsibility, I will be leading, but always in the field, in order to justify my million salary and my bonuses of millions? Yes, what is my specific responsibility is, if I can say goodbye to the Golden parachute of my company, after I have led it in the crisis?

Simple thoughts, God knows! In addition, not economically correct, it is in the case of the Remuneration of professional services to a market. And the salaries of Thiam and Rick Bacher are market wages, the wages of the globalized Manager-market. Therefore, you have absolutely nothing to do with the market wages for Doctors and Nurses – with this note from ready-to-market theorists are, typically, economic values, and the cheeky questions.

In fact that has taken off immensely spoiled by the global money elite in the realm of a reality of its own, completely detached from the real reality. Now, however, the real Corona-the reality is – and calls for the re-measurement of real values.

For anyone who is in these days, weeks, and months indispensable valuable: the doctor or the Credit-Suisse-Thiam? The nurse or the Bank-bear-Rickenbacher?

There will come days when the Banker has the usual value. However, it must be the horrendous Overstatement, as his caste has been taken for granted? Also, the doctor and the nurse have in everyday life, then back to your usual value. However, it must be the offensive sub-rating, as it has taken the company so far mindlessly?

In a democratic, law-based state capitalism is a learning System. The company and, therefore, the policy has helped him in the story again and again to the jumps and shows how capitalism as a blessing of the economy is rich in order for as many people as possible can prove.

It would be, once again, at the time.