And suddenly, there it: Federal councillor Berset, Federal councillor Eveline Amherd, the Federal Council Parmelin, Federal councillor Maurer – the College as a whole were. And all of a sudden the confidence in the da, it was.

A democratic miracle?

seen Before, no one had it. A new Sars Virus? In China? Flu in modified Form! Let’s wait and see… but That was the reaction in the first few days, as Beijing’s dictatorship was the city of Wuhan is under quarantine, and the official Silence broke, it had prescribed over weeks, to make their Regime appear weak.

Now the whole world is struggling to cope with misery, that would have been in China to limit, in its boundlessness, the excessive acclaimed globalization is a sinister, almost under-world, Dantesque Aura.

In Switzerland, the government is struggling to Decide to. All of you were so far to the right, at least the best possible? Maybe not. Probably not. As well as different? Federal councillors have to learn what they could not know; no less their professional advisors from the fields of medicine and research.

The learning System, we are now experiencing, the we entrust ourselves that determines our existence – it’s called democracy. And democracy means: the rule of law.

the name Berset, Amherd, Parmelin, Mason, are the names of the seven Federal councillors the names of heroines and heroes? It is the name of the Selected. To the extent that they are now just happens to be in front of a historic task: intelligent people are full of devotion to their duty, their responsibility, exactly as their predecessors had been in the same place.

so, what we take with Wonder and satisfaction, nothing to do with the personal ability of this Minister? But: The Can and the skills of the seven are completely different.

The number Seven is a very special quality of the Swiss system of government: the collegiality. The quorum of the members of the forces to the Learn of one from the other, to Consider and Discuss, and trust.

In the Federal house of people. Not masks like the rigidly smiling Xi Jinping, now about the dictator, the Corona mask-mask. Yes, violent rulers in need of protection, no one can read your facial Expressions, you might betray weakness.

The Swiss Ruling occur every day with an open face in front of the population, in front of the voters, the may rate, should, have to, because democracy in any case – even without a Corona is a never-cancelling litmus test for politicians.

The Munich-based Journalist Jan Fleischhauer describes the Situation of the highest leaders of the democracy in times of Corona: “I want to be a politician. Also, what appears today to be a morally-imperative, can the day after tomorrow have immoral consequences. This is a situation in which it is infinitely hard to do the Right thing.”

Done, it must be: from hour to hour, from day to day – this is the bravery that we demand of the politicians responsible.

However, their Action is also Act in a System that supports The health system is expanded, the social system, the financial regulation allows the state of the debt, so the Support of the economy.

social network this ramification of a system that serves the common good is called. The blessings, as they are under the impression of the Corona, without Exaggeration, be described, however, were not always there. They were fought for – against the resistance of the market-of-hearing enemies of the strong state, the salvation in the Privatisation of saw.

The social state is a creation of the responsible politicians, responsible parties, and above all, the social Democrats, but also the socially sensitive Christian Democrats and the socially committed liberals.

In times of profound uncertainty for the Swiss that: you have done well so far, they also make it good now. And your government is good – as it is, just as you are.

Even better, Switzerland is it.