Security issues in Africa, the situation with Iran and the AGREEMENT, as well as issues associated with refugees and children in armed conflict will be the main priorities of France during its presidency in the UN Security Council in June, told RIA Novosti in the French permanent representation.

Since June, the Chairman of the security Council becomes France, which will replace on this post Estonia.

"If we take the three priorities, they are as follows. First, peace and security in Africa – there will be meetings in a number of different peacekeeping operations, in particular MINUSMA (the UN mission for stabilization in Mali, ed.), whose mandate should be extended until the end of the month; secondly, the crisis management of security and non – proliferation will be held three regular meetings in Syria, as well as the semi-annual meeting on the implementation of resolution 2231 and SVPD", – said the Agency interlocutor.

"Meeting, AGREEMENT will be extremely important, because the Americans come for the renewal of the arms embargo against Iran, which expires in October. Among the members of the security Council there is an expectation that the meeting in June will be a kind of great moment to draw attention to abuses committed by Iran. So what we see is a lot of noise on this topic, definitely," said RIA Novosti senior analyst of the center for International Crisis Group Ashish Pradhan.

The third priority during the French presidency, according to the representative of the French mission, will discuss the problems of vulnerable categories of people – in particular we are talking about the UN security Council meetings on the topic of refugees and children in armed conflict.

In addition, as the diplomat said, in June the UN security Council will discuss how the impacts of the pandemic coronavirus, affected the maintenance of international peace and security.

Answering the question of whether the expected progress on the Tunisian draft resolution and France, support the call of UN Secretary General to cease fire in all conflicts in the world, the source pointed out that the document is "on table".

Thus according to the Pradhan, despite the fact that the draft resolution is still under discussion, "it can slowly "to die".

"it’s been two months since the call of the Secretary General to cease fire. Kind of viability, the point that they had to support this appeal, seems to have gone missing", – said the expert, adding that at the moment circumstances indicate that the appeal of the Secretary General may not receive support in the form of UN security Council resolution.

Earlier, one of the diplomats in conversation with RIA Novosti news Agency expressed doubt that the security Council will be able to agree on the resolution. Already a month in the Council debate on this document – in particular, a dispute broke out between the US and China over mention of who’s role in the fight against the pandemic.

Also augygiven that France is organizing on June 11 session on Mali at the level of Ministers of foreign Affairs, announced in the mission.

As suggested by Pradhan, in June the UN security Council may again emerge as the question of mercenaries in Libya.

"May be the discussion on Myanmar," he said.

The UN security Council – a permanent structure of the organization that has primary responsibility for maintaining international peace and security. In the security Council always sit 15 countries – five permanent members and ten temporary.

Permanent members: Russia, USA, UK, China and France. They have veto power. Ten other members of the SB are elected for two years. Germany, Belgium, Dominican Republic, Indonesia and South Africa elected in 2019 and 2020, and Vietnam, Niger, Tunisia, Estonia and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines – in 2020-2021 years. Every month in the security Council holds the presidency of the next alphabetical country.