The Prime Minister of France Edouard Philippe met with representatives of the national tourism industry and promised them a variety of support worth €18 billion Residents of the country were allowed to plan vacations and travel since the second half of July with the proviso, however, that they will remain on the French territory. Says the correspondent of “Kommersant” in France Alexey Tarkhanov.”The government does not want to jeopardize the sector, which creates 2 million jobs and accounts for 8% of our national wealth,” said Edouard Philippe. For France to support tourism not only painful, but an absolute and urgent necessity. In record 2018 the country adopted 89.4 million visitors and has collected €56.2 billion Figures identified in the plans for 2020 were even more optimistic — are waiting for 100 million foreigners, ready to €60 billion Plans, of course, disrupted by the epidemic. Tourism in France, and suffered for the past year of strikes and excesses of “yellow jackets”, is going through its worst times. Closed all restaurants and 95% of the hotels. Travel companies almost stopped working in anticipation of the moment when the French will be allowed to travel. At least in my own country, because now they are forbidden to move away without good reason more than 100 km from his home.On Thursday the Prime Minister announced that the summer restrictions are lifted. “In July and August, the French will be able to relax in France, within France and in the overseas departments,” said Edouard Philippe. The danger of the second wave of the virus, but in this case, the government had agreed with the restaurateurs, hoteliers and tour operators.Remaining losses will have to catch up in the remaining six months, can only rely on compatriots. While the French will have to settle for their own territory: the internal borders in the European Union will open not before June 15, but even travelling to neighbouring countries is open to question, especially travel outside the Schengen area. But it is good news, since tourism in the country developed and diverse.Most affected luxury hotels, specializing in not considered foreign guests, they’ll have to remain half-empty before the opening of external borders. But democratic institutions are prepared to accept not only the usual clientele, but also those who had traveled abroad to rest, and now will be forced to moderate appetites and reduce costs. For the French, are willing to continue to spend on holiday, you can still go to the overseas territories. This is the remains of the former French colonies, who decided not to leave France and did did not miscalculate. Including Martinique, Guadeloupe, reunion, Saint Martin and Saint Barthelemy. Now with themcountry visits to a mandatory quarantine (overseas territories except for Mayotte, the virus spared), but by July, as I hope travel companies, this inconvenience will be able to refuse. It’s funny that in the summer of 2020, the far-right slogan “France for the French” implemented, although for sanitary reasons.