New jersey –

the Four men were this morning sentenced to a punishment of five to sixteen years in the most kinderpornodossier ever seen in this country. They had a database that was created with more than 9 million unique kinderpornobeelden.

SEE ALSO. , the curtain falls on the biggest kinderpornozaak ever seen in our country: one of the reasons why the Operation is Azriel, a landmark.

The four men, two Belgians, one Dutch, and one British citizen, were found guilty of possession, production and distribution of child pornography, incitement to child abuse, child sexual abuse, and trafficking in human beings. They were given prison sentences of between five and sixteen years, to be fully effective. The accused persons were not in the ruling, provided: by the anti-coronamaatregelen they do not go to the court and was transferred.

finally, The court considers that the Player M. as the author. He was obsessively searching for child pornographic material, and one of the minors to be having sex with. He transgressed and also to have a son and a stepson. John M. received a sentence of sixteen years with a provision of seven years of age. His lawyer, John Leysen, could not be found in the ruling and announced an appeal to contest it.

Is Playing a D. so, the court will appoint a panel of experts to determine whether or not the man is of unsound mind and consequently incarcerated must be provided.

Operation Azriel:

The four prisoners were in the main characters in operation, Azriel, ” the biggest investigation into child prostitution in the country. Never before has the law of a higher amount of child pornography was seized. During the operation, they have 38 of the victims, identifying, by the computer, the ‘librarian’ Playing D. all rights reserved.

as a Child of Focus was a civil claim made on behalf of all of the unidentified victims.

“Greatest thing I’ve ever seen,”

for many Years, changed in the five child pornography as if they were Panini stickers. One of them had their own children to abuse. “I have been over the last few years in the industry and I thought everything went through, but this is really unprecedented,” said Heidi De Pauw, Child Focus. The lawyer for the organization, Kris Luyckx, went to trial with it. “The actions of an unknown thickness.”

The public prosecutor’s office in the process of estimating the risk of recurrence in all the defendants as being particularly high. “The greatest and worst thing I’ve ever seen,” said the prosecutor, When Borms, during the final day of his trial in new jersey. “In addition to archiving and distributing other manufacturers turn to the facts to take the pictures of it to send it in. She asked, still in a proof of the originality and the exclusivity of, for example, a nickname or the logo of the pictures to the post,” she said. “That they are now dealing with, it is a good thing. However, they only have a limited schuldinzicht.”

Holland’s Got Talent

as of The offenders, Michael T., John M., Dimitry, D., Samuel, K., and Larry R. – functioning almost normally in the social life. It was a warehouse manager, with the Dutchman popped up once as a singer in the Holland’s Got Talent , and another was a manager in a large company. The fourth one was a fixer of computers, the fifth kinderoppasser.

“The defendants do not fall within the stereotypical image of the wrong men in the past, we knew about it,” said attorney Borms. “These are young men who, in all possible ways, deal with the sexual abuse of children, and the collection of child pornographic materials. In today’s modern society, it is the modern, molesters, and rapists.”

The British writer, Samuel K., was sentenced to six years in to be effective. He will have his punishment, perhaps, in our country to live because he is of the opinion that our country is a good therapy for. “He has worked abroad as an au-pair and looked up, aware of families with small boys”, said the judge, Marlies Vanden avenne group. The Dutch rider, Lars D. R. received a prison sentence of five years.

the Camera hidden in shower facilities

Typically operate in for such offenders among the aliases in chat rooms, where they claim to be teenage girls. The court could have them for easy bur sticking because they are in the real-life events. She went for a bold image in the center of europe, ice skating rinks, in Bokrijk, swimming pool, natuurdomeinen, and a christmas … and They did it with a small camera that she hid in the showers or in small pens. If they spoke at home, their computers still be better to lock into place.

now, In various configurations, they went on a vacation to the south, together with their children. “Who with, my kids want to play, you pay,” said one of them, for such a departure. The investigation began when Michael, T., may, 2015, at the lamp, ran out. The warehouse manager (at the time, 34 years old, was caught red-handed when he was on the beach of Blankenberge, half-naked children are photographed.