Found the source of the coronavirus in new York

The authorities in new York found the source of the coronavirus. The state’s Governor Andrew Cuomo said that, most likely, it was imported from Italy. About it reports “Interfax”.

Cuomo cited the results of a study of the North-Eastern US University, according to which by 1 March, when the state announced its first confirmed case of the disease, more than ten thousand residents have already been infected.

He noted that the American President Donald trump ordered to impose a ban on entry from China on 2 February, i.e. more than a month after the first reports of an outbreak of infection in Wuhan. The decision to restrict entry into the country from Europe, was adopted only in March, when the virus had spread to the United States.

“the Virus flew from China to the time when we imposed a ban on travel to China,” explained Cuomo.

The Governor of new York accused the US authorities in a delayed reaction to the epidemic in China, where disturbing reports began to flow in January and February. According to him, during these two months from Europe to the airports of new York and new Jersey flew 2.2 million people, many of whom were probably infected.

He stressed that we must learn from our mistakes, because the infection could flare up again in the fall, or may be a new virus.

New York became the main focus of COVID-19 in the United States. This state ahead of all countries of the world the number of people infected with coronavirus. According to the latest data, there were more than 263 thousand cases of infection and more than 15 thousand deaths.