In Moscow at the age of 73 in his apartment found dead Gregory Beloded, personal pilot of President of Russia Boris Yeltsin and Vladimir Putin, reports website KP.RU.

the Son of a pilot Jaroslav said that for a long time could not get through to the father and therefore decided to go to his apartment. There he found the father is showing signs of life. Grigory Nikolaevich recent years lived alone in an apartment. Currently, the body of Beloded sent to the morgue. Naznaceno forensic examination, which will establish the exact cause of death.

Yaroslav told me that his father worked in the special flying squad “Russia” the commander of the crew, which was flown by the first President Boris Yeltsin. Then he became the personal pilot of Vladimir Putin. According to Yaroslav, his father stopped flying in 2005, but continued to work in the unit on the ground.

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