Bruges is the Provincial domains, the close, borders will be controlled, and all the Belgians are being asked to stay away from the coast. In West-Flanders, belgium, they put on all sail to get to the feline corona virus within an organisation. Still, the governor, Carl Decaluwé is not of the opinion that the province of more stringent acts. “As a Kortrijkzaan do not go to the sea to get it, why would a Dutch person that can?”

Friday morning, the province West-Flanders, belgium, at which all the provincial areas as of noon closed, it would continue to be until at least the beginning of the end of april. A harsh measure, but one that, according to the governor, Carl Decaluwé, comes at the request of the national crisis cell. “We have got to be the answer to our question in this regard is Thursday already. We just don’t have the money where it’s mouth,” says Decaluwé. According to him, it must be, and will be for the rest of the provinces, that is make a decision.