Actually, Charlotte would be Dubral just in the middle of the summer semester of their ERASMUS year in Poland. Because of the Corona pandemic, the study is on the ice, in the middle of March came back to Germany.

Instead of sitting in a lecture hall in Krakow, works in the medical student, since this week, in the infection of protection center on the Campus of the University hospital of Cologne.

friends had sent her a Link where you could enter in the student Council of medicine of the University of Cologne, if you would like to help as a Medical student in the Corona-crisis.

After a short application process Dubral came together with four other students to the center. There currently are tested on average 200 to 250 people per day on the Coronavirus.

“This must not happen here”

“I have, as a result, I have many friends from Spain and Italy, had in the year abroad, have told me of personal experiences, seen how the Situation is there. This has already made me a bit scared in the sense that I thought: That can’t happen here,” says the 24-Year-old, the 10. Semester at the University of Bonn studied. “If you need help, then I help with, mainly because I do not belong to any risk group.” a private student in the Corona use: Charlotte Dubral

In the infection of protection center documented them for a future evaluation of data, among other symptoms, and contact persons of Tested. Later, you will make compromises in randomly selected patients of the University hospital. On the first two days of hygiene training courses were therefore. As the students learned to set up protective masks and to disinfect hands properly.

“Have I done everything right?”

Moritz Leweke is already almost a week longer in the Corona use. The 23-Year-old studied in 9. Semester of medicine at the University of Bonn, studied, and otherwise writes his doctoral thesis in experimental immunology. Leweke had reported on a call to the University.

Now, the doctors-to-is – also on the basis of appropriate prior experience on an intensive care unit of the University of Bonn hospital, classified. There he supported as a working student, full-time nurses in the Camps of the patients and in the patients care. Since a few days is also a Corona-Patient lies in an isolation room of the Station.

knowledge from the medical studies help

“A slightly queasy feeling one has at the beginning. If it is attracting for the first Time, protective clothing, and with the expiry not familiar with, then you look already: I Did everything now right?” Leweke told on the phone.

“If you wear a FFP2 or FFP3 mask, and through the lock into the room, you are excited, of course. You pay attention the whole time to ensure that the mask fits properly, that there is no air-side passes or so. I would not say that one is well-versed in it, but it is definitely a bit more self-confident.” in private, So something such as the Corona application is a part of the medicine-study finds Moritz Leweke

This knowledge from the study will help him to be the briefing by the staff and the feeling of being valued: “We have been received very well and incorporated.”

he is suspended by the Job an increased risk to develop itself, Leweke aware of. Doubt, to report, he had not anyway.

“study If you choose medicine, then that is part of it, and then is asked in such situations, of course, the more that one makes the back straight.”

right now, where it’s not on the stations, “haywire”, it was important that students would be incorporated.

Digital connectivity

Leweke and Dubral are two of Thousands of students in Germany, who have spoken in the past few weeks, voluntarily, at the Corona-to help crisis – whether in hospitals, at the Hotlines of the public health offices or in outpatient care.

in mid-March launched the Facebook group “medical students vs. COVID-19” has more than 21,000 members, the Austrian equivalent of a good 5200. On the website students will find an Overview of the clinics and other medical facilities that have declared a need.

the project “Match4Healthcare” to network facilities, and medical students, and other volunteers together. An interactive “helper card” shows, approximately by zip code sorted, how many students you want to help. For the support of the health authorities, there is also a special Online voluntary exchange.

Bernd Metzinger, managing Director of Finance for human resources and hospital organization of the German hospital society (DKG), is not surprised by the helpfulness of the students.

“I’m an old doctor, and I know the colleagues and the young. The are all engaged in a highly who want to help all patients, and since such occasion is something that every urge, from intrinsic Motivation to participate in these things. Honestly, I expected it.”

Currently, the demand in hospitals is still manageable, the staff, the location, the to intensive care units.

Currently, the information referred to in DKG-approximately 5500 Corona-patients in German hospitals treated (as of 1. April), of which about 1500 in intensive care units.

“When this wave comes, we need every helping Hand”

“however, We expect to be treated that roughly in the next 14 days is probably the number of the diseased patients, and thus the number of inpatients and Intensive care patients, in particular, but also of the respiratory patient will increase significantly,” said Metzinger.

As in other countries, it would be likely a kind of wave of new patients. “When this wave comes, we need every helping Hand, particularly helping hands that have some previous training – such as, for example, medical students.”

the Federal government Also welcomes the fact that doctors-to-help in the Corona-crisis. “I’m the medical students are very grateful that you are tackling this difficult situation in the medical supply,” said Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn recently, the commitment.

the students would have to accept any disadvantage in their academic progress, there is no compromising of medical training.

have Any disadvantages?

After a on 1. April, which entered into force regulation of the Federal Ministry of health (BMG), the Federal States in the light of the Corona-crisis, the ability to move the actually for the middle of April, the planned second state exam in a year or as planned to perform, “as far as this is allowed by the location”. In the first case, students would begin at an early stage of their practical training, the so-called Practical year (PJ).

since this week, the budding Doctors, who have prepared for months to take the exam to get to, and for clarity about whether the exam takes place as planned.

“the fact that it was now for three weeks very insecure, have to learn a lot of stopped or you can’t concentrate,” says Mattis Mance of the Federal representation of medical students in Germany e. V. (BVMD).

Also, the fact that areas of expertise can be adapted in the so-called Election every four months it submits to the Practical year, because of the Corona-crisis “the need in health care”, the BVMD critical. “On the one hand, you can understand that from a supply point of view, on the other hand, the choice of specialist super is particularly relevant for the choice of career later on,” says Mance. There is also the risk that students in the PJ learned during the Corona epidemic less than usual, because the Doctors may have less time for teaching.

special challenges

The Ministry of health acknowledges that the students are now “special challenges” to: “It is foreseeable that they will be taken in the crisis situation in their work in the Practical year is different than usual in the claim”, – stated in the regulation.

Therefore, the Ministry recommends the hospitals to pay them an allowance – so far, there is no General legal entitlement to cash benefits in the PJ.

Charlotte Dubral and Moritz Leweke concerns not all of the still. Lewekes contract is for three months. If the summer semester at the 20. April starts too late, no longer can he possibly make so many services to the intensive care unit.

Dubral works only once until the end of April in Cologne, infection control center, then the situation will be assessed, she says. For the time before that, she plans to fight more than the previously planned 20 hours the week against Corona. “I see that the need is there, am flexible and have a desire to help.”

“protection masks have been redirected to”: Berlin’s Senator for the interior, accused of been redirected to the USA of the mask Klaus, FOCUS Online/Wochit “protective masks”: Berlin’s Senator for the interior, accused the United States of the mask Klaus

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