last week three more city hospital, previously redeveloped for the treatment of patients with coronavirus, has returned to standard operating mode. We are talking about the Center of speech pathology and neurorehabilitation, hospital named after S. S. Yudin and the hospital named after S. P. Botkin. A total of again provide the planned assistance. This was reported in the operational headquarters on control and monitoring of the situation with coronavirus in Moscow.

however, the city has created an additional hospital bed capacity in health facilities for follow-up care of patients with coronavirus infection, as well as temporary hospitals, which are currently saved in case of change in the epidemiological situation. Thus, the total number of beds to accommodate patients with COVID-19 and the pneumonia is, of which 69.4 percent is vacant at the moment.

the Number of occupied beds over the past week decreased by 18.7% for the month, over the month it decreased by 24.7 per cent. Daily incidence of community-acquired pneumonia during this period declined by more than 50 percent.

the Epidemiological situation in the city is stable. Due to the General availability of PCR testing has increased its coverage. Free entry analysis helps to identify more asymptomatic carriers. The number of new cases remains low. Over the past week have tested 308 511 people, the disease was confirmed in only one and a half percent. The number recovered from COVID-19 increased

the Number of deaths decreases. Last week it fell by 34 percent compared with the previous, and for the month

Citizens with the Moscow insurance can free pass PCR for coronavirus. If you are attached to a Moscow clinic, you can sign up for You need to login or register on the portal, select the “Services” section, subsection “Health” and “Record on reception to the doctor.” In the list of specializations you should find a “Smear on COVID-19 (PCR)” (adult and children), and then choose a convenient date and time.

to sign up for the study is available on the portal “SYSTEM.INFO” in mobile apps , “My Moscow”, “public Services of Moscow” and via information kiosks in clinics of the city. If you have Moscow compulsory health insurance policy, but you are not attached to an urban clinic, you can call the point of delivery of the analysis in the County where you reside and the receptionist will book you in for the procedure. A complete list of drop off locations blood test are published . The results of the study will be available in the electronic medical record on in the application “SYSTEM.INFO” within three days.