over The past 24 hours, for the first time since the outbreak of the corona virus is in our country, more and more people out of the hospital that have been recorded. This is very encouraging news. The number of deaths continues to increase, this time up to 160 people.

at a daily news conference on Sunday, but there were some new figures about the situation in the country. In the past 24 hours have been 164 deaths were recorded as a result of the corona virus. This brings the total death toll to 1.447. As expected, the number of infections, partly due to the increased test capacity, the amount due. It came out in the last 24 hours, 1.260-determined cases, to a total of 19.691 will.

the Encouraging numbers:

the number of hospital admissions, we notice that the stabilization is continued. Of 499 patients were admitted to the hospital with a Covid-19, and that the number is in the neighborhood of the past couple of days. The total number of hospital admissions is 8.273. A total lie, 1.261 people in intensive care.

What is interesting is that Saturday the 504 people in the hospital and was allowed to leave. For the first time since the outbreak of the virus in our country, so more and more people will be released from the hospital that were taken in the same day.

Those numbers seem to be confirming what virologists already been a few days, the virus from strength to strength with the loss and the situation has stabilized. The peak seems to be in sight to come up. However, as highlighted Steven Van Gucht, on Saturday once more, it is very important that the measures are for weeks to be observed. The accomplishment is tremendously important, in order to further the spread of the virus from entering the system.

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