Around Kiev-Pechersk Lavra once again trying to inflate the “national outrage”. At this time, the authors of the idea of termination with the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the lease decided to collect signatures. The petition in which the newly established Orthodox Church in Ukraine, which received the Tomos from Constantinople, is referred to as “the only canonical successor of the Kyivan Metropolitanate”, garnered the necessary 25 thousand votes. Now President Vladimir Zelensky is required to investigate and make a decision.

As it became known, Zelensky redirected request to the Cabinet, referring to the PA that the rent decided by the government. From the press release of the President’s Office should: only the government has the right “to exercise management of state property”.

Zelensky probably just doesn’t want to go down in history as the persecutor of Orthodoxy. Because readily shifts the responsibility for the fate of the monastery on the government of Denis Smagala.

the Formal reason for the termination of the lease, in fact, not. Any of the visitors of the monastery can confirm that on its territory maintained perfect order. The grounds for eviction of the monks and the transfer of the monastery to the jurisdiction of the PCU, therefore, do not exist.

it Should also be borne in mind that it is declared as a contender for the object ptsu actually not too eager to pick up Laura. And the money for the maintenance of the UNESCO site ptsu in postcoronary period are unlikely to “scrape.

25 thousand votes the above-mentioned petition received within 14 days. “Concretize”, which the authors Zelensky asked to leave alone the monastery and not to terminate the current lease with the UOC-MP, was registered on 27 APR. While the collection of signatures is sluggish. As of noon on may 23 for the petition voted about 15 thousand Ukrainians.

“Whip” fellow tried yesterday the native of Belgorod-dnistrovs’kyi Vasyl Lomachenko. The famous boxer-turned semi-easily weight of using Instagram to “brothers and sisters”: “has Earned a petition in support of the monastery. We ask parishioners to maximally share the group link with a request to sign this petition!”. Earlier, Vasyl Lomachenko publicly called the campaign for breaking the lease Pechersk Lavra manipulative. The athlete who spends most of time abroad, drew a parallel with the mass infections Covid-19 monks, recorded in Italy. Despite this unfortunate circumstance, nobody came to raise universal sensation and take away Abode of God, the Roman Catholic Church.