For COVID dissidence proposed to introduce punishment

State Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov invited the Minister of justice Konstantin Chuichenko be accountability for those who publicly deny the hazards of coronavirus.

Milon in his address (the text is available to RIA Novosti) writes that today some citizens to sabotage the implementation of the measures undertaken by the government in the fight against coronavirus, and call upon others.

"On open Internet sites, forums, social networks, chat rooms… you can find materials, denying the risks of new diseases. Moreover, the authors of these opuses urge people not to comply with protection measures, to ignore the calls for isolation, and is formed at its audience a sense of distrust and hostility to the authorities in charge of the work to prevent the spread of the virus," reads the address of the Deputy.

In this regard, the Government has proposed Chuichenko to assess the feasibility of introducing liability for intentional public denial of the dangers of coronavirus to human life.

"In my opinion, abuse, denial, incitement and sabotage the struggle of our country with the coronavirus can be legally equated to the intentional contamination of the citizens of dangerous diseases and punished according to the provisions of the Criminal code," the letter said Milonov.