The Chairman of the Federation Council Commission on information policy Alexei Pushkov, assessing the interest of the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko to the West, recalled the fate of manifested loyalty to the party of ex-presidents of Ukraine and Georgia Eduard Shevardnadze and Viktor Yanukovych. The statement of the Russian Senator leads portal "".

"play the United States in the post-Soviet space is to bring to power them profitable entities. Here Shevardnadze, how much it is in Georgia has been flexible with the Americans, but even replaced it, brought to power Saakashvili through a coup" — said Pushkov.

The ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, said the Senator was trying to be a good partner for the Western States, in the end, the leaders of these countries supported the Maidan, and the foreign Ministers of Poland, France and Germany have given written guarantees to Yanukovych that he will have a truce with the opposition, a few months later new elections, but the next day they these guarantees "thrown in the trash".

The MP acknowledges that Belarus has a certain room for maneuver, however, the policy of the West aimed at change of regime in the country, and not on the development of relations without internal modifications.

"In these foreign policy maneuvers is a certain danger — the one who is maneuvering, can beat because the other players have their goals. For starters we can talk about financial assistance on expanding economic cooperation, but there is a political subtext. And I am convinced that President Lukashenko understands", — said Pushkov.

He also expressed hope that the Minsk in search of balance between Russia and the West is aware of "absolute truism" contemporary politics of the West — the subordination of governments to him contumacious countries.