Provides FitterYou about the Fitness solution on the each sport has a muffle maintained? In “the cave of The lion”, the founder, Fritz green Walt his training concept, the lion, and is hoping for a financial injection, with the help of his idea of success. But what FitterYou so different than other Fitness Apps and Home-Work-outs?

DHDL-Startup FitterYOU: A Personal Trainer for everyone

In the centre of FitterYou is only once something that occurs to us quite well-known: A Coaching App that gives the user a series of training Videos. At first glance, so nothing New. However, the founders want to stand out from other Apps, and Offerings such as Freeletics, or Gymondo, he has programmed his App is a “highly-individualized training of intelligence”, which brings a quasi-Personal Trainer by a push of a button home.

The Fitness-App observed injuries, sedentary habits, and is already powered sports that will be queried when the program starts, and an individual training programme for each individual user. In addition, different training to the catchment objectives to be: from a Power Workout to a pure Increase of the health. FitterYou have also, not least, the goal is to make the benefits of a Personal Trainer for the masses affordable. Is built the Whole after a monthly subscription principle, in which there are different levels.

Convinced FitterYou in DHDL, with the combination of App, Mat and Motivationskit?

forbidden Especially in times of Contact and a rising urge to move, within the four walls of a nice thought. And FitterYOU want to have found a solution for two Central problems of the Home-Work-outs: What if the Exercises are performed incorrectly, and how not to lose Motivation? After all, the two other key points that have made the concept of a Personal Trainer are so effective.

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A solution: the Exercises To clean and run properly, belongs to the FitterYou package, the so-called Fitness Mat. This sport Mat is printed with lots of colorful symbols and Numbers and should be – tailored to the body size – in the case of any Exercise is the correct exercise back up. What looks initially appears to be a confusing Version of the children’s game “Twister”, starts to make sense. Finally, the success of the Work-outs depends largely on how clean an Exercise is performed.

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FitterYou flashes in DHDL-investors

Despite the support from the football world champion André Schürrle, who in a Video message, a Testimonial, came to be in “the cave of The lion”, ultimately, no Deal. Carsten Maschmeyer was for FitterYOU a rather grim prognosis. In his opinion lose Fitness a lot of buyer interest in the product or the service. Maschmeyer said: “The under-estimate the drop-out. How many log on in the Studio and don’t go then? How many are going to buy any of the Ergometer? Then the rum is, and then consider whether you want him to toss them away or sell them. Because you are going to, unfortunately, a sad experience.”

The founders of the criticism in the case of DHDL not be swayed. They believe in a long-term success of FitterYOU.

This article was written by (Viktoria Vokrri)

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