the Corona-Lockdown – and all companies must abide by the Federal rules: stricter hygiene rules, enough distance between the employees.

On construction sites, the nature is according to be more difficult than in the office. Trade unions demanded, therefore, that construction sites must be closed. Some cantons such as Ticino and Geneva have done that as well. But in many places will continue to be built – even if the rules are not adhered to.

Fired because he criticized

That he has to rebel against it, has become the sanitary Bruno P.* to be disastrous.

As a senior technician P. built at the new ZSC-arena in Zurich-Altstetten. Up to the 23. March. Then he was fired – officially because of “economic reasons”. But P. is convinced: “I flew, because I’ve pushed to the site on compliance with the measures.” This has confirmed to him and his former supervisor. The appropriate Whatsapp-message VIEW. “Thou shalt have applied to the people that you stop Creating”, it says.

p wanted more time

for the first Time P. on June 17. March intervenes, a day after the Federal Council imposed a state of emergency. He had complained to his employer, a plumbing equipment company based in Zurich, and in the construction management of the real estate giants HRS due to non-compliance with the protection measures, tells of a construction worker.

Specifically, he demanded that they get more time to install pipes. “We Sanitary could comply with the Two metre distance is impossible. The Eisenlegern, and masons, it is exactly the same,” he says. Also the Toilets were in a pathetic state “and the use of all 150 workers”. But, instead of repair, I complained to the site Manager at p. s employer of the recalcitrant plumbing. There was a first warning.

understanding for the employer, but not for HRS

As the Situation in the coming week, not improved, dam P. values again and threatened to report to the trade Union and to go to the media. Again, the construction management complained to the employer.

And the was: p. was put on the road. He could understand that somehow, even, says P., HRS to be an important Customer for his boss. “But both have a responsibility to protect the people.”

However, this will perceived as little, P. convinced. “Instead, I heard, like a Mason-polished dipped his people together according to the Motto: Who is not coming to work, has to reckon with consequences.”

is Not the first case

made As a p. then also pictures of the construction site, proving that the distances are not really always respected, he was referred immediately to the construction site. “We want to prevent in any case, that criticism penetrates to the outside”, so the charge of the Sanitärs.

In fact, would not be P. the first construction workers that will be dismissed because of criticism of the Corona-measures on construction sites. Known the case of a Logistics company on the construction site of the Roche tower in Basel, which was summarily dismissed, for example, after he had posted a photo of are close to each other builders on Facebook.

HRS say they know of nothing

The construction company HRS, which is building the new ZSC-Sadtion, has no knowledge of the case, P. “The workers on the construction sites are employed by a majority with sub-contractors. The leadership of the workers is the responsibility of the subcontractors,” says spokesman Hans Klaus.

Also site references did not vote for HRS so far. “We control all of our job sites several times a day with regard to the provisions of the Federal Council,” said Klaus. HRS have measures a whole catalogue of additional protection on all Bausstellen introduced. “We take a proactive approach so that the workers are protected on our construction sites.”

* Name known to the editors