“experience shows, those who give in too early, prolongs the crisis,” says Berset in an Interview with the “Sunday newspaper”. The timing of the easing was not only a political decision, it depends also of the science. The Virus give the pace.

In China, the situation in spite of the very tough measures, only after about two months. And as you’ve loosened the measures taken by something, be increased the case numbers again. “Until we reached in the society a certain degree of immunity or a vaccine will have, will be with us for the Virus”, is convinced. “But it’ll give a certain amount of normalization.

“looking at different scenarios,”

From today’s point of view, it is not to say, however, possible to, from when first loosening conscionable be. “To say it clear: There will be no Exit or exit, but a Transition with certain relaxations,” stresses Berset. It is only when the summit is crossed, and the case of hospitalizations figures clearly fall, you will be able to in a new Phase of move on.

“We will test different scenarios,” says the Federal Council in the Interview. “This must be not only promising, but also company-friendly.” Prior to implementation, but had to know more about the spread of the Virus and how it is behaving. Discussed will also mask mandatory in certain situations, adjustments to the Tests, Contact-Tracking, perhaps via mobile phones, or a gradual Opening of the economy.

Berset lives almost

isolated Yet you have to be patient but. Of family visit over Easter Berset discourages categorically, especially the elderly, are in danger to contract the Virus. He himself live almost isolated in Bern, and I haven’t seen his family since February.

Anyway, he was looking forward to a game of ice hockey club Fribourg-Gottéron, says Berset. The games in the autumn, and so long will not continue this shaft to the Corona of a crisis well. Assuming all adhered to the measures. (SDA/bra)