In the case of the second wave of the spread of coronavirus infection in the country risks a repeat of the situation with rising prices for some products, but it is possible to stop. On Friday, June 19, said the head of the Department for combating cartels Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) of Russia Andrey Tenishev.

“the Situation with prices stabilized, complaints about the price are almost there. As for the second wave — specific risks are, but I would not exaggerate them, and we are able to stop them,” he was quoted by “RIA Novosti”.

FAS Representative expressed the hope that the citizens for the period of a pandemic could to make sure that no items went missing from the shelves, and expressed the hope that in the future the Russians will take that into consideration.

“They bought groceries for the next few months, and then the products became cheaper and were lying on the shelves, but nobody bought them at a lower price, because everything is already purchased. I hope that citizens will take into account the experience of the first wave and will sweep away the goods from the shelves like last time”, said Tenishev.

against the background of the pandemic coronavirus infection in Russia has increased demand for some products long-term storage, in particular for cereals, pasta, personal care products, as well as for the products, presumably with antiviral effect — ginger, lemon and garlic. By the end of March the excitement stopped. After the introduction of the regime of self-isolation in the regions has changed and consumer behavior: citizens are less likely to go to the stores and buy more products online.

on April 13, Rospotrebnadzor said that garlic, lemons and honey strengthen the immune system, but do not play a significant role in the prevention of coronavirus infection COVID-19.

the head of the Department Anna Popova said about the risks of the return of the coronavirus in the fall. According to her, the country is preparing for this.

to Prepare for the second wave of the epidemic and urged Russian President Vladimir Putin. With reference to domestic and foreign experts, he noted that another outbreak COVID-19 to country can happen in October-November. In this regard Prime Minister Mikhail Murashko were instructed to maintain bed capacity.