Medical at last there is a glimmer of hope in this corona a crisis. Farmareus, Johnson & Johnson (J&J) said that it was the beginning of the next year and a vaccine is ready, you can have it. The company is pumping $ 1 billion into the research, with the support of the united states government. Johan Van Hoof, head of the global vaccine division of johnson&johnson, has explained, in the studio, from the VTM News. Your cookie settings to make sure that the content is not displayed.

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The search for a vaccine began in January. When China’s DNAvan of the virus are known. On that basis, J&J, 12 vaccine candidates have been developed. In the last couple of weeks, all of which are tested on animals. And now that they have a suitable candidate should be found. At last, in september, hoping that the scientists in the vaccine and testing it on people. And then at the beginning of next year, is the first vaccine to be ready. The goal is to have more than 1 billion in vaccine-making. The cost of the vaccine is expected to be 5 to 10 euros.

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“it is our hope that, at least, a part of the solution,” said Johan Van Hoof, head of the global vaccine division of johnson&johnson is in the studio, from the VTM news. “We are cautiously optimistic that the vaccine is part of it’s success,” said Ma, who is the research for the vaccine to lead to.

The normal amount of time required to get a vaccine on the market is five-to-ten years. But here, it’s a lot faster to be able to go. “We know it’s a virus,” explains Van Hoof forward. “We know that it is very closely related to the classic of the SARS virus. Twenty years ago, it was a successful SARS vaccine developed in laboratory animals and protects against infection. There is also shown how this exactly should be done.”

“The feline corona virus may be using the same key, in order to gain access to the cells of the lungs. And that is why it is very important for the antibodies to develop against those particular key. If you would like to have the proper immune response and the protection obtained.We will be at the end of the study is to know whether we have the appropriate immune response, generating from the people.

Is it safe to drink? “Yes,” said the master. “The big advantage of this is that the technology that is used here, though it has been tested for 50 000 people, while for other purposes, but it doesn’t have unexpected side effects and was safe to use.


J&J is already in the world, before the results of the study are to know about. “We estimate that within 12 to 18 months, however, up to a billion doses can make it”, makes the Group strong.

The farmareus werktook in the way of medication to alleviate the symptoms. “To that end, we are working together with the Rega institute, professor Johan Neyts. “Also, since we have to wait and see what the result is going to be.”