Japanese economist Yusuke Ootsubo explained the stability of the Russian economy in the conditions of a pandemic coronavirus. This opinion he expressed in an article for publication JB Press.

the Author said that “tempered” the fight against Western sanctions, the economy showed an unexpected capacity for resistance against the impact of the pandemic. According to him, caused by the introduction of quarantine economic costs, a sharp drop in oil prices has not caused her such a powerful punch that you would expect.

Ootsubo pointed out that “the crown-shock” proved to be the Russian economy not so is terrible, if you compare the macroeconomic indicators of Russia in the crisis period due to pandemic crisis other years.

Russia, according to the economist, has a fairly sophisticated techniques to overcome the crises that developed over previous periods. “The current crisis is another proof of that”, he explained.

Western European and American investors also noted the high stability of the Russian economy to the consequences of the current crisis. The experts believe that Russia has still a lot of effective measures to accelerate the economic development of the country, said Ootsubo.

economists have predicted a new crisis due to a sharp increase in the number of infections with coronavirus. Amid the spread of the disease, the losses will be borne by both businesses and consumers. The increased concern on the part of the experts associated with the current situation, when restrictions are gradually removed.