the Number of cars driving on the streets of Moscow, repeatedly declined. Someone still goes to the supermarket, someone at the cottage and to relatives — it’s only twice a week. Other days the car is idle, slowly covered with dust. Battery runs, down the tyres — will cars in service by the end of the quarantine? “MK” has found out from the mechanic-professional, how to save the machine state “villages and went”.

“Grandfathers” of domestic avtolyubitelnitsa in this place loud laugh: more recently, some 30 — 40 years ago, many of the private drivers not ridden all winter — bringing with garden harvest in September-October and stay till April. How to preserve – that’s right! – the machine for the winter, with no garage, not only wrote in the car magazines, but also issued a special book. So a month of quarantine, the car technically can survive quite easy but some training is still needed.

In these weeks when our trucks are forced to stand idle, we perform mass maintenance, – told “MK” the engineer of one of the Moscow karteninhaber services. It is standard and consists of replacing oil if it is more than half of the service period, the inspection and replacing all that needs to be replaced, adjustment of the suspension (alignment). Spend our contractors, garages. Engineering Department of the company monitors the charging of the batteries are dead, the tyre pressure, the level of technical fluids in General, performs its Egidio work. So the car, which continues at least a minimum of care and for whom there are care, “life” easier.

Agree, however few people sitting at home in quarantine at least once a week caters to the car, checking tire pressure and battery. Meanwhile, these two components can fail in the first place, if the vehicle is idle for several weeks. Alex Kachuhin, an individual entrepreneur is a mechanic, told “MK” that since mid-April, about one and a half times, compared to “normal” April, increased the number of orders for the “revival” of cars with a dead battery and flat tires.

– do People live relaxed some in there, compressor, and battery charger for the battery for the younger generation of owners unknown to all thing, says the service man. – In the best case there is a “battery of puskach”, it’s such a hi-tech toy that can help to have slightly podavati battery — but not completely dead. In addition, many whole life of your car never open it with the mechanical key as a result, when it is suddenly needed, the door will not open, hood can open. You have to call the wizard. I RAzarabatyvayu castle (in the latest cars well in doors sometimes do not, need to know how to open in case of emergency), open the hood and looking for some. Sometimes to recharge the battery in such cases it is necessary from the outside — there is a special power outlets.

According to Alexey, often the battery “sags” have a car, which simply forgot to turn off some weak consumers. For example, the light in the cabin — it turns out that some owners often forget to repay it to include manually. After all, the interior light illuminates and the default and goes on modern machines after about half a minute. If tomorrow then back on the road, it doesn’t matter: a fresh battery will be fine. But if you forget the car for a couple of weeks…

And, of course, at risk machines with old batteries (four years and older) – adds a mechanic. – In normal operation it’s invisible, but it is necessary to leave the car, before leaving on vacation or as now, sitting in quarantine, immediately get out “sore”. Sulfation of the plates, for example. The battery should be changed if after a week of Parking it starts weak twist. It’s such a simple test. But in order to carry out the need at least once a week to start the car and spin the engine for ten minutes.

Perhaps this — and not fatigue from the family, for example — are governed by those drivers, which can now be seen just sitting in stationary cars near the houses. They are walking? No! With no one to contact. Then you have the right. But at the same time, as it turns out — and even prophylactics his car.

– as for the tires, if they are in a normal state, you lose pressure and they don’t have a month of quarantine, – said Arsen, a master of tire on Khoroshevskoye highway. – Because many do not frighten them for the whole season, don’t even know where they are in the trunk of the pump lies. So do not worry. And if they suddenly very deflated after a week of Parking — I would have looked if there was anywhere affectionate notes from neighbors. Anything can happen — suddenly you give them a favorite Parking spot was occupied!

it Should be noted that this is a separate topic. Some Moscow drivers (going outside, for example, a dog) — already faced with an interesting scrapbook where with deliberate spelling errors it is proposed to pay them the money (transfer to phone) — about 2 thousand — for “insurance” against broken Windows, punctured wheels and other damage. “Please understand, I have no job and money to stay alive” – concludes the author of the brief that appeared on cars in the Eastern district of the capital. The author posted this message in the Internet, the money is not paid and the damage has still not felt. Is it a joke? However, recently there have been times when cars almost universally used to steal mirrors, wipers and even the tires. Toageda, and in this issue we will soon need “ancestor given wisdom of the people”: all that can be removed, take it home and put it under the bed.